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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The chipped tooth..

Like mother like daughter I guess. The only difference is, I got my upper right incisor chipped in an accident when I was about 20 years old I think. I remember fretting that my perfect teeth were not perfect anymore. The dentist had given me the option of filling or filing (:-D) and I went for the file away. I was very conscious of the filed tooth for quite some time, but now its who I am :). Well, as I said, like mother like daughter. Its the same tooth, different person. On Friday the 19th (June that is) afternoon, Snugli started crying her head off. It looked like she had fallen and hurt herself on the door/floor, no idea where (Sri was in the computer room and me in the living room, she fell somewhere in between) and her mouth was bleeding. I did immediately what needs to be done - poured a spoon of sugar into her mouth to stop the bleeding. It was only later during her lunchtime that Sri brought into notice the fact that her upper right incisor had chipped a bit.

We got a paediatric dentist's (yes, there's such a career :-p) appointment only for today and we were told to administer pain relieving medicines in case she had any pain. But she didn't. Except for the occasional swipe of her tongue at the sharp edge of the chipped tooth, she didn't show any indications of even a single memory of the fall :). Anyways to cut the long story short, we went to the dentist today where they took X-rays of her tooth, examined all her teeth and polished the rough edge of the chipped tooth off. All the while Snugli screamed her head off, first because they were forcing strips into her mouth (to take the X-rays) and later they held her down in a bed (to examine her/polish the tooth). I have to crib that the nurses were a bit inexperienced with toddlers (one struck Snugli's head accidentally with the X-ray equipment and called her a "silly girl" for getting her head struck :-p, while another didn't know what to do with her all the time in the examination room), but the dentist was wonderful and you can't even make out now that the tooth was actually chipped :-D. And I am glad that its all smooth now because I didn't want her getting hurt mistakenly biting her tongue/lips/anything with the rough edge.

Well, all's well that ends well, for now. With Snugli being totally active these days, who knows what awaits tomorrow?


Soumya retorted...

LOL at "paediatric dentist".
Am glad everything went on smoothly.

on9thcloud retorted...

Aah,poor thing. But I am glad she is back to herself again

Pierre Cardan retorted...

It was unfortunate that the nurses who handled you were inexperienced, but it is good that Snugli went through it all without a hitch! She took the dentist trip very well, it seems.
Pierre Cardan

Lawrence Gilstrap retorted...

It's nice to know that your daughter went through her first trip to the dentist without much fuss. It's always great when the first visit is successful. I'm sure all the succeeding ones would be the same: nothing to it!

Lawrence Gilstrap

Peter Nguyen retorted...

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Dr. Douglas Barker retorted...

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