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Saturday, June 27, 2009

'Cause he was bad :(

I loved what he was, hated what he became, but it still hurt when I learnt he was no more. His songs were few of my first introduction to English music. A first craze of Darsh's and mine. I still remember Darsh trying to moonwalk. Darsh absolutely adored him. I still love many of his songs, they are too many to count..

Would like to remember the romantic side to him. This is "I just can't stop loving you" which he sang with Siedah Garret..

This one is called "Liberian Girl" (this is the original video, but its not really good for the song, listen to the song if you can find it):

Thanks to YouTube and users lovemjjforever and 80smusicfanman for the videos.

Farewell, MJ :((.


Geetha retorted...


I too felt some burning pain in my heart after knowing his death.....
but I love some of his songs very much always.....

Let the soul rest in peace

Smi retorted...

Oooh! I love the Liberian girl song too..I used to fantasise my high school crush singing that one to me..Never mind that both of us weren't Liberian!!:)