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Monday, April 28, 2008

The world at my feet!

The world and its aunt actually :-p.

Hello all! I, Snuggles, ecchh, what kind of a name is Snuggles? Big :-p to mom. I'm going to rename myself Snugster, that sounds cool. I, Snugster, have taken over this blog for good. Since my mom is too lazy to stop me, all you people have to read through (I mean, suffer through :-D) whatever I have to say :-p.

Mom keeps telling everybody what a good baby I am (she doesn't know the naughty streak in me), so right now I'm making her suffer a bit. I have been fussing for a while and pooping some mucous stuff frequently. Well, I thought my plan worked when mom got worried, but it sorta backfired on me what with the doctor suggesting some syrup and drops :((. Anyways, the doctor has told mom that there's nothing to worry about, so well, everything's fine and getting better.

Anyways the whole reason of me taking over mom's blog was to show you how I'm being pampered left and right. You all know how ammamma (mom's mom) has been pampering me in the US. She bathed me and did all sorts of seve for me ;-).

As soon as I landed in Bangalore, everyone literally fell at my feet :-D. Firstly, I had Darshu mama and his hair wrapped around my little fingers :-D.

Secondly, grandpa is totally besotted with me >:-).

Ammi doddamma and Dinni mama also visited us and I had both of them eating out of my hands..

Ooops! I almost forgot about Sanju chikkamma treating me like a doll ;-).

Hehehehe, huggggggggge victory to me!!

(Me-getting-pampered-in-Hyderabad photos coming up soon..)


Timepass retorted...

Cute pics Snugster..Why don't u take over the blog from ur mom??

Swati retorted...

How can you be so cute Snuggles ????

Anonymous retorted...

Hey, u had a baby? Thats sooo cool!!
Congrats yaar! And u r in Hydie? :)

(Well, this is Smiling Girl!)

Anonymous retorted...

Aaah.. I see that u have already blogrolled my new blog.. but then I moved on.. :)

SK retorted...

Snuggles looks super cute!!

Canary retorted...

Snuggle is such a sweetheart :) :)

Anonymous retorted...

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