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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Two women and a baby!

Its been a full week since I landed in India. Yup its been more than hectic, what with trips to Chennai and Hyderabad (where I am currently), travelling in cars/autos/planes/trains, visiting friends and relatives and what not. It has been hectic, but it has also been fun.

It all started on last sunday when a man dropped off 2 women and a baby to the Cincinnati airport. Here are the various thoughts that went off in my head as the trip progresed -


2PM EST: "Wah :((. I don't want to leave you Sri :((. Its been more than 2 years of being together alone, how can I leave without you? Please prepone your tickets na!! :'((."

2:15PM EST: "God, I'm going to even miss this house" (as I locked up the house and looked around for the last time.

3PM EST: "Can't believe that its been 6 months since mom came. Now we are already heading back!"

4PM EST: "Phew! Thank God all the check-in luggage are within 50 pounds. These people should increase the limits, I was hardly able to fit diapers in :-p".

4:30PM EST: "I dunno why I'm crying, its not like we'll be apart forever. But 1.5 months feel like eternity as of now :(."

5:00PM EST: "Security check hassles done. Gate reached. Nothing to do but wait. Can't believe I'm going back to India after 2 years!".

6PM EST: "Breastfeeding discreetly in public is not as difficult as I thought it would be :-D". (Note to breastfeeding mothers everywhere - use a cotton skirt worn on the shoulders as a wrap instead of blankets and the expensive nursing covers, you can't guess how simple it all becomes :-D).

6:30PM EST: "Ok baby's bassinet reserved, mom's seat moved next to mine. Now to board the plane."

7PM EST: "Wish Sri was going with me :(".

On Flight1:

"Bye bye US :(".

"Thank God for friends! If it was not for Chans, I wouldn't have known what to do with a baby on a plane."
(Chans told me that breastfeeding while take-off/landing helps with baby's ear-ache and that diapers should be changed ony in the toilets. She gave so many wonderful tips which really helped :) ).

"Ugh, the bassinet is so dirty, let me wipe the whole thing."

"Why do they make these plane toilets so small? How do they expect me, the baby and the diaper bag to fit in there? :-p."

"Oh God, I can't sleep. What if I don't hear the baby in all the noise the plane is making?"

"Does this big screen have to be right in front of me? Its making my eyes ache!"

"Thank God, atleast the baby is sleeping."

"Wish Sri was with me :(".


FST - France standard time

8:30AM FST: "Finally Paris. But why is the plane still taxi-ing? Wonder if it'll go straight to another runway and take-off :-p. Or maybe its going to another airport :-p. On second thoughts, maybe it is taking us on a tour of France :-p."

9:30AM FST: "Looks like everything is a marathon in Paris. We caught a train, got up and down escalators, we seem to be walking forever! Where the heck is this Gate E96?"

10AM FST: "What? Another security check? I thought those were only for flights towards US!"

10:05AM FST: "I'll kill that American check-in attendant if I ever find her again! She said I was to collect the 2nd flight boarding pass at the boarding gate in Paris. Now they say I need the pass for the security check! Grrr.."

10:30AM FST: "Security check over. Mom looks totally tired. But we are still walking. Wish Sri was here with us, things would have been much better :(."

11AM FST: "What? No aeroway to the plane? And this is Paris? :-p."

On Flight2:

"The air hostess is so sweet, she got a new bassinet and put down sheets and a pillow for Snuggles. Thanks Dorothy :)."

"I repeat, why do they make these plane toilets so small? How the heck do they expect me, the baby and the diaper bag to fit in there? :-p."

"Man!! This is grand, there is a personalized movie player for each seat! Wish Sri could have seen this :(."


00:40AM IST: "Bangalore, my God!! Feels awesome to be back!"

00:50AMIST: "This mom ufff! She doesn't let me help with the baggage. She is finding it so difficult. Wish Sri was with us :(."

1AM IST: "I can't believe I'm seeing Darsh after 2 years! Feels so good to hug him :))".

1:05AM IST: "Stupid me, the driver sits on the right side here :-p."

1:15AM IST: "What?? The 3 men took Rs.200 to put 2 bags in the taxi?? Same old India, hehehehe :))."


~nm retorted...

Welcome home girl!!

If you ever decide to come to Delhi, please writ to me at doiwrite at and we will meet up..pukka pukka!

Timepass retorted...

what an hour by hour write up.. BTW how was the welcome for Snuggles?? hows she doing??

Swati retorted...

ohh ..that was a nice idea to use skirts :) will try next time ;-)

Changing diapers alone in a plane toilet is the toughest thing to do i guess :(

Deeps retorted...


Thanks re :). I already have loads of travelling to do. Delhi? Baap re no :)).


Snuggles is doing great, fully being pampered by grandparents :).


A skirt is a wonderful idea, you ought to try it :-D.