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Monday, April 21, 2008

Missing you..

Another mushy post from me, sorry..

Missing you..

Its not that I cannot see without you,
But you are my eyes' first choice..
Its not that I cannot hear without you,
But my ears long to hear your voice..

Its not that I cannot talk without you,
But my words wish to reach your ears..
Its not that I cannot eat without you,
But few morsels and hunger disappears..

Its not that I cannot smile without you,
But even my joy is somewhat strained..
Its not that I cannot feel without you,
In fact my feelings are too unrestrained..

Its not that I cannot breathe without you,
But my nose yearns for your fragrance..
Its not that I cannot live without you,
But my whole being misses your presence..

Sometimes I find myself singing this song without my knowledge - "Na jaane kyon" from the movie Choti is baath..

Thanks to YouTube and user ilovehrishida for the video.

Wohi hein dagar, Wohi hein safar,
Hein nahi, Saath mere magar, Ab mera humsafar,
Idhar udhar doonde nazar, Wohi hein dagar..
Kaha gayi shaame madh bhari?
Woh mere, mere woh din gaye kidhar?

Na jaane kyon hota hein ye zindagi ke saath,
Achaanak ye mann, kisike jaane ke baad,
Kare fir uski yaad, choti choti si baath..
Na jaane kyon..

Sigh :(((. 2 more weeks until Sri lands here :(((. But on a lighter note, the line about my hunger "disappearing" is a blatant lie. I'm a hungry mama-shark since I have a little shark dependent on me :-D.


jyotsana retorted...

wow.........i mean the poem and also the love u have for ur sri.and the song is really beautiful.....i love it too.....happy blogging.

Swati retorted...

Ohh..he is either too lucky or too nice..otherwise who can write such a heartfelt poem :)

I love this song too.

Ab retorted...

isnt it really true.... how much you want someone to be a part of your life, though you could go on without them too... is that wat u call as love?

its bad when that is spurned.... no, im not cribbing or anything.... just talkin from experience....
(btw, im saving yr poem liked it a lot)