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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Queen of the world!

I am back. No its not mom, its still Snugster, the great! I'm not saying sorry for going missing on you for all these days 'cause well, this is not my blog, so all the apologizing should be coming from mom :-p. But you see, I was very very busy. After being in Bangalore for a couple of days in March, we headed to Hyderabad, then back to Bangalore, then to Belgaum, then back to Bangalore. Then dad came and we had my naming ceremony (as if I don't already have a name :-p). Then we headed to Hyderabad (again!!) where I fell a bit ill, vomited and was successful in totally shocking my poor mom. We also had my Annaprashana ceremony there. And then we went back to Bangalore from where we left to US. Phew!! Meanwhile how can you expect a baby to also update a blog? A big :-p to you!

Anyways I was telling you how everyone was catering to me. This catering continued and in fact increased when we went to Hyderabad (ofcourse ;-) :-D). As soon as mom and I landed there the first time, I smiled at everyone and made them fall to my feet >:-). They started treating me like the queen that I am ;-).

My naanamma and thaatha (dad's parents) were always carrying me around!

Thaatha even carried me on his shoulders! :-D.

Lekha atte would always play with me and call me "Bangaru konda" meaning mountain of gold, hehehee :)).

Even my nanammamma (father's maternal grandmom, i.e my paternal great grandmom) did my seve by bathing me everyday :).

After coming to Bangalore, I was honoured by my ammammamma (mom's maternal grandmom i.e my maternal great grandmom) too :-D.

I am the luckiest little girl, aren't I? So you all better do my seve too :-p.

Deeps: Snuggles!! What are you doing!!!
Snuggles: You weren't updating your blog, so I thought...
Deeps: Thought what? And what is this you have been writing!! No computer for you! (Seinfeld style :-D)
Snuggles: But mooooom.. (South Park's Eric Cartman style :-D)
Deeps: No "but mom"s. Go to your crib now!!
Sri: Come here my sweetheart, don't cry..

Snuggles: (I win again, hehehehe) :)).


Vanditha retorted...

another set of cute snaps of snuggles, oops snugster ;)

Manasa retorted...

Sooo cute... Hugs to snuggles :)