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Friday, March 05, 2010

The whys..

- Why does the heart take such a long time in realizing something that the brain seems to grasp in a second?
- Why do we never say "Why me?" when faced with good times, but never fail to say it when things are bad?
- Why is it that when everything is hunky and dory, its credited to ourselves and termed "oLLe dese" (good phase or good luck), but when its not, its blamed on somebody else and termed "Ketta dristi" (evil eye)?
- Why do people suddenly realize that they have to be thankful for what they have, when they don't have something they want?
- Why are some people so wonderful (especially moms ;-) :-D) while others just don't seem to have a sensitivity chip?
- Why is it that sometimes you yourself cannot convince yourself?
- Why is it that our expectations of some people in our lives never decrease despite their never meeting not one of those expectations?

And finally
- Why is the doctor saying I have low blood pressure when it should be shooting off the roof top because of all the stress I've been facing? :-D (yes I am grinning :-D).

1 Comment:

Smi retorted...

I remember mugging up for a certain biology test that stress can result in hypotension.
As downcast as you may be about all the lows right now, you must not let it get to your blood. Come on, kick those worries in the ass and bounce back to your cheery self.
*moves palm in circular motion over Deepthi's head with a fistful of salt*
Naayi drishti, kaage drishti,nari drishti...err.. google reader drishti..ella hoythu!