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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The question..

Today I was at the Walmart billing counter with Snugli, when the lady at the counter pointed to Snugli and asked me this -

"So are you going to arrange a marriage for her?"

Hehehee :).


Ashwini retorted...

LOL :)

Sweet Nothings retorted...


Vanditha retorted...

You should have shocked her by saying "Do you have your son's horoscope?" ;)

Ashwini retorted...

What did u tell her?

Deeps retorted...


Well, didn't even consider that ;-). But a good answer though :-D.


Told her very gravely "Lets see if she can find a husband on her own, if not then we'll have to see" (as if she is a 20-odd year old rather than a 2-year one :-p). Pretty lame answer I know, but I was shocked at the question :-D.