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Friday, March 19, 2010

Hope springs eternal..

The daylight savings have begun again in my part of the earth and spring is almost here. So are some of my flowers. Yay!

The Jaaji (the winter jasmine which I cribbed about saying no flowers since 2 years) has finally blossomed :). The fragrance is a bit too gaudy for my taste (nothing like the Indian version). But am very happy nevertheless..

Then we come to tulips and other bulbs. After last year's fiasco, I had hoped that covering the containers with tarpaulin for the winter after planting the bulbs would work and the bulbs won't rot no matter how hard the winter will be. Turns out, I was right!

I have Tulips, Hyacinths and one other variety of bulbs (don't remember the name at all now) that have shoots coming up. Feels wonderful that the work paid of. Now if only I could think of what to plant for the summer :-p.

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