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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Snugster the twister!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Its been sometime since I talked to you, but you can't really have forgotten me. Don't tell me you have :((((. Its me, Snugster. I thought mom's been talking to you about me all this while. I'm a busy baby you see, don't have the time to sneak away from mom's ever-monitoring eyes and get my hands on the comp (I try! Believe me I try!!!).

Well, what if I tell you all the gory details on what I have been doing all these days, will you remember me then? Ok then :).

  • I have got a mouth full of teeth now (all the better to bite you with, my dear ;-) :-D), total 10 teeth (mom adds "front 8 incissors and 2 upper molars"). I'm so proud. But I do get a vehement "No" whenever I try to bite mom or dad. They should be more happy for me, you know :-p.

  • I walk all over the house now, so well, they keep watching me. I escape from their eyes now and then and get my hands on a few simple things or 2 (mom adds "Yup, computer, DVD player, phones, laptop etc are all simple things!"), but they don't encourage my exploring capabilities :(. I might be the new Magellan, you know ;-).

  • They have even put a gate to the kitchen so that I can't get my hands on mom's plants (she kept them inside for the winter). You have to let a baby get her hands dirty, you know :-p. But I have to admit, whenever they do keep the gate open, I run straight to the places they don't want me to >:-).

  • I talk now, talk a lot, but they don't understand me. I'm also sneaky, I say "Amma" "Naana" and several words whenever I want, but when they ask me to say something, I fool them by saying all the wrong words ;-) (please don't let them know and spoil my fun :-D).

  • Other than these, I can switch the TV on and off using the remote now and I do it several times :)).

  • I also pretend to press buttons and talk on the phone (I say "Ha" for hello :-D).

  • I can close doors, but haven't yet discovered how to open them (mom adds "Now thats a blessing!"). So I love closing the doors of the pooja room.

  • I also love laundry baskets, I overturn them all and distribute the clothes equally all over the house, but they don't appreciate my sense of interior decoration :-p.

  • My major accomplishment these days is climbing sofas, hurray! I climb up to grab remote, phones, whatever they try to keep safe from me and I can get down whenever I want too!

  • I can take my toys out of the toy-tote and put them in (the putting in part is only when mom insists I finish for the day and say "Good night" to each toy). But I hardly play with my toys, the house has many more interesting things ;-).

  • You know my thumb-sucking habit? Mom's been trying to get rid of it by enclosing my hands in gloves. She thinks she is successful, hehehehe :)).

  • What else? Mom started to potty train me, so I do most of peeing and pooping in the potty. Gross, you say? Hey, those are a major part of us babies' job profile :-p. But, well, mom will talk more on that.

I guess thats about it. I gotta run you know, a baby has a 1000 things to do. See ya!

P.S. Me the forgetful had forgotten to say a couple of things:

  • I love breakfast these days - I get to eat chapathi (in milk), poori, idli and dosa, all the stuff that grown-ups eat. But on some days I still eat Cerelac, so those days whenever I see mom and dad eating something - I protest and want to eat that too (I do get a couple of bites ;-) :-D)

  • The weather's slowly changing, so these days whenever its warm enough (as per the elders' decision), I get to go to park and play on swings/see-saw and slides. I lovvve the slide. I prefer playing in the mud and leaves there actually, but no one allows me to :(.

Thats about it. More updates only in my next post :-D.

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on9thcloud retorted...

Awww..that's so sweet of you Snugli..Well! Looks like Sritha needs to take lot of lessons from you..meanwhile you keep up your good work(s).love ya:-)