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Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy 32!

He is the tolerance to my impatience.
He is the clarity to my absurdity.
He is the calmness to my excitement.
He is the sweetness to my causticity.

He is the composure to my agitation.
He is the sanity to my madness.
He is the silence to my chatter.
He is the action to my laziness.

He is the certainty to my indecision.
He is the safety to my vulnerability.
He is the elegance to my awkwardness.
He is the strength to my fragility.

He is the balm to my soul.

Happy 32nd birthday my hubby, my friend, my soulmate :).


Soumya retorted...

Happy birthday to Sriram. Wonderful poem.

Geetha retorted...

Dear Deeps

Nice poem

Your happiness is our happiness!

on9thcloud retorted...

Beautiful one! You know what our hubbies share their birthdays as well..isn't that a cute coincidance?

ಆಶಾ ಅರುಣ retorted...