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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A snow show!

Remember the ice storm? The next couple of days we had nice fluffy fresh snow on the ground and well, me being what I am, dressed up Snugli and took her out to play in the snow. And she did have a great time walking on the snow, sweeping it and what not! I should be thankful that she didn't try to stuff it all into her mouth :-D.

Remember 2 years ago, I had built a snowmom and child (I'm sure you'd not, so I'm giving the link :-p)? Last year I forgot to mention that I had made a cat :-D.

Yup, that was within 3 months of delivering Snugli :-p.

Well this year wanted to do something to continue the tradition (:-p), so after taking Snugli inside, I again went outside to make this duck :).

Ah! Good times :).


on9thcloud retorted...

Those are cute pictures of Snigdha! And wow..I think you did a great job with cat and duck.You sure are talented:)

Soumya retorted...

She looks simply adorable in that snow suit..Cute pictures..

Geetha retorted...

Deepthi,I remember last year's
enjoyment & I wish I could be there!

Snigdha's snow suit is very nice!
Photo's are beautiful too!