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Monday, February 12, 2007

Snow snow everywhere..

It seems like Mother Nature has had her revenge on a person who has complained all season about there not being enough snow ;-). There's news that it will snow all this week. Nothing's going to make me regret for asking for snow, but the weather is so chilly that sometimes I have second thoughts :-D.

But snow is still a great photo opportunity, so I couldn't let it go, could I? So one day, dressed in 3 layers of clothes, I headed out to 'capture' the sights ;-). Here's our home and the lawn which is currently a field of snow..

My poor plants are dead (atleast as of now until they decide to grow back {cross my fingers}).

There is a Holly bush in front of our house and snow on its leaves makes a pretty sight :).

I took several more photos and decided to head back to the house. It was only when I put my hand on the door knob that I realized that I was locked out!! Well, I tried everything I could think off, but I didn't have a single paisa, err cent on me. All I had headed out with was my camera :-p. So what to do? I decided that the best thing to do was build a small snowman :-D.

The first thing I did was make a snowball.

Later grouped some snow on the ground to make the body. Placed the snowball I made like a head. By this time, my snow man was looking more like a "snow woman", so I made a bun like thing for her hair :-D. I used the dead plant's twigs for arms, holly fruits for eyes, a stub fo the nose and a small leaf for the mouth. Here's the result:

I had gone out for the photo session around evening, but still there was no sight of Sri. Whats a girl to do? I built a snow child for the snow mom :-D.

Here's the mom and baby together:

Finally after an hour of my getting locked out, my knight in shining armour came home to rescue me. I rewarded him by throwing a snowball at him and chiding him for coming home late >:) (I am a wicked one :-D). Poor guy, how was he to know that I was locked out? But we women are unreasonable sometimes. There, I have admitted to it ;-).

Well, another lesson learnt. Never will I leave the house without a key from now on :-p.


Thanu retorted...

Like I alwaz say "Snow would be just perfect if it was not accompanied by the cold temp".

Orchid retorted... poor girl, out in that cold for an hr!! I hope you at least had fun making those snow mom-kid duo ?

Deeps retorted...

Thanu, God!! I say that too!!

Orchid, I did have fun, but it later became too cold. So cold that I had to do some exercizes to keep me warm..

Chickoo retorted...

The snow lady and her kid look toooo cute!!

Usha retorted...

Snow looks wonderful to me - especially since I am sitting under the warm sun. Pretty snow mon and snow baby. I am glad you made such good use of your time getting locked out rather than panicking and moping. great spirit.

Chitra retorted...

Nice! I am glad you had your basic winter clothing on. I noticed the gloves.

Ashish Waghray retorted...

nice pictures there!

Deeps retorted...

Deepa, thanks :).

Usha, snow is wonderful, but being locked out in the cold is surely not!!

Chitra, yeah, thankfully had dressed up for the occasion. Otherwise would have had to ask neighbours for help immediately I guess..

Ashish, thanks :).

mommyof2 retorted...

At least you had lots of fun making snowman & family;-)
"Mom & baby snowman?" girl you are so ready to have a baby;-)