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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anniversary adventure :)

Kind of following tradition, we went ski-ing on our Anniversary. I say tradition because, we actually did Bungee-jumping on our honeymoon :-p. Ski-ing is not really something new to us. After all, we learnt how to ski last year. But this year, the snowfall has been so scanty in our area that I wondered whether it was possible to go ski-ing at all. But as if to make me eat my words about snowfall, its been continuously snowing for a week now and the temperature has been continuously below "0" degree Celcius for days now :-p. Well, it atleast meant we could go ski-ing and so on Sunday, off we went to the same old Perfect North Slopes.

As I have mentioned in my earlier post about Ski-ing, the slopes in Indiana are about 1.5 hours drive away. So we had breakfast, packed a lunch and were off.

It was really cold and there was a chilly wind blowing. The crowd was a bit less thanks to Superbowl. But still there were people out in the cold. The following snap is of the professional slope:

Did I mention it was freezing? This, after we had worn thermals and 2 layers of clothes over that! Brrrrrrrrr...

We rented our ski-gear - the skis, ski poles and the boots. Man, I had forgotten how heavy the boots were. Its really great exercize for the legs ;-). Again, as I have mentioned in my earlier ski-post, the weight is important for the protection of the ankles. Those are the most delicate parts of our legs and are very prone to fractures/twists. After wearing the boot, there's no way a fracture can happen to the ankle :). Here's a skis and ski-poles picture I took later while having lunch:

After being equipped with the gear, we headed off to the initial slopes for practice. It was good to know that I hadn't forgotten what I learnt last year. After about 3 to 4 times in the very-beginner slopes, we were able to get on the ski lifts and ski on the higher beginner /intermediate slopes. Though it was scary in the beginning, its really exhilarating when you speed down the slope and yet are in control. After ski-ing down the slopes for a couple of times, we took a break to have lunch.

After lunch, I sat and watched the professional ski-ers for sometime, while Sri rested. Its really fascinating to watch them glide down the professional slopes. I wonder if I'll ever have the guts to do that :-\. Then we went back to the slopes again to ski a couple of more times. The whole experience was really good, as this time both of us managed not to fall at all the whole day!! The only mistake we did was wear our leather gloves instead of the ski gloves, which chilled our fingers to the core until we decided that enough was enough and headed home. But we did manage to ski down more than 10 times on the higher beginner/intermediate slopes :-D.

We were pretty tired when we reached home, but unlike last time, didn't really have any aches thankfully :). Later went out for dinner and so ended the 2nd anniversary :).


Orchid retorted...

Wishing you a belated "Happy Anniversary" Looks like you guys had a memorable one.

Deeps retorted...

Orchid, yup we did ;).