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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Great blogs of fire!

Recently I updated my blog roll. Had an external tool for it all this while. Its been sometime since Blogger came up with its own widget, but well, it always felt a bit too tedious to again add all those blogs from the beginning. But I have been wanting to do it for quite a while and once I decided to do it, I was done in half an hour. But thats not really what I want to talk about. As I entered the URLs of all those blogs, I noticed how many have been idle, how many haven't been updated for a long, long time. And it somehow made me sad :(.

I know I haven't been reading all the blogs. But it somehow feels like friends are slowly becoming busier and busier until they don't have any time for you at all. And I don't know most of these people. But it felt like we were fellow travelers on the same train or something. They were constant companions of mine whenever I needed them. The worse thing is that all these days they have been gone and I haven't even noticed! Guess I got "busy" too. But if you are still reading my blog (I know atleast a couple of friends are), I promise I'll pop in more often if you just return to writing a couple of sentences once in a while :). I did notice that one of them is back for now, which is wonderful.

All these make me more glad that somehow I have never given up blogging. 4 years ago, I started this blog as a possibility, a place to put in my thoughts and maybe a place that will help me sort out things. And it has been that and more. Its been 4 years of growing up with the blog and coming to terms with responsibilities. I know that even if I am busy, even if I have a 100 things to do. I'll somehow make the time, put the effort to type in a few words now and then. I don't ever want to give up. I'll always return and hopefully always have something to say.

Happy birthday dear blog :). Hope you have a wonderful year full of many memorable posts ahead :).

1 Comment:

Amrita retorted...

Hi Deepthi,
I have been reading your blog for a while now and I know what you mean! When fellow bloggers stop blogging or the frequency decreases one feels a void. Thanks for updating your blog as often as possible :-D. I too slowed down with the blogging for a while but have resumed recently and intend to keep it that way!