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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chocolate - Lime Juice - Ice Cream - Toffeeyan..

The Hum Aaapke Hain Kaun song lyrics actually continues "Pehle Jaise Ab Mere Shauk Hain Kahan". In my case, its "Pehle se aur shauk hain ab" :-D. Not for lime juice and toffees though. Only for icecreams and chocolates. Oh man!! What icecreams and what chocolates!! This blog post is dedicated to 2 of my favourite indulgences these days :).

Cold Stone Icecream:

(This image is stolen err, taken from the official site of Cold Stone icecream)

The above tag is just so that Cold Stone people don't sue me. A gal has to be careful, you see ;-) :-D.

My love of Cold Stone icecream started sometime after I came to US. In fact, the first icecream I had in US must have been the McDonald's Hot fudge Sundae. Yup nothing beats the vanilla chocolate combination according to me ;-). In Bangalore, I used to love the chocolate dipped softy they sell at Hot Chips :-D. And the scrumptuous icecream at Corner house (Death by chocolate anyone? I shared half of it with a friend once and was almost dead by the end. Its so sinful ;-) :-D). Shucks, sorry for the switch from Lexington to Bangalore, the word "icecream" brings back so many memories {waves all the memories away in an effort to stick to the topic}. Ok back to Cold Stone.

Before he married me, Sri was in US in Phoenix, Arizona and it seems there was a Cold Stone creamery store just below his office!! So thats how he came to love Cold Stone icecream. And he dislikes chocolate by the way :-p. So the first thing he did when one day after I came to US, I made a fuss and shouted "icecream" like a kid, was to find if there was a store here in Lexington. Turned out that there are 3 and one of them was very near our house :). So from then on, I became a fan just like he already was :).

So whats so special about this icecream? After all, you get icecream everywhere and most flavours are available everywhere too. The speciality of Cold Stone is not the flavour, but the flavour you can create ;-) :-D. You may be stunned to know (unless you have already tasted this) that you create your own icecream!! And just how do you do this? Let me go through it step by step.

First you choose a flavour (Banana, Sorbet, White Chocolate Mint, Cheesecake, Sinless, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Sweet Cream, French Vanilla are just a few) in 3 different sizes (Like it, Love it or Gotta Have it!! - Corny I know :-D). You can even go for a bucket if you want ;-). Then you go in for the mix-ins.

Mix-ins are stuff you can add to the icecream to make your own creation. Mix-ins maybe Candies (Butterfinger, Chocolate Chips, Crunch Bar, Gummi Bears, Heath, Kit Kat, M&M's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Snickers, Rainbow Sprinkles, White Chocolate Chips), Nuts (Macadamias, Pecan halves, Roasted or Sliced Almonds, Walnuts), Fruits (Apple Pie Filling, Banana, Black Cherries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cherry Pie Filling, Coconut, Pineapple, Raspberries, Strawberries), Baked Goods (Brownies, Oreo Cookies, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, Yellow Cake) and Other mix-ins (Caramel, Cinnamon, Fudge, Honey, Marshmallows, Peanut Butter, Whipped Topping, Cookie Dough). Phew!! Though I stole the combinations again from the official website, I know its tiring to read so many :-D.

You can go for any number of mix-ins, but beware! Only the first mix-in is free. The rest cost about 40 cents each :-D. And these are not already mixed and kept ready. They take a scoop (or how much ever according to the size you ask for) of the flavour you want and take each of the mix-ins you ask for and mix it in front of your eyes. They crush fresh strawberries, cakes, candies into the icecream! And the end-result is amazing. Its an icecream blended with exactly that fresh fruit or extra chocolate you always wished for :). You can opt for a normal cup, or a sugar cone or a waffle cone to eat this mixture in.

The cost is very costly. Very bland statement, but very true. You should definitely not convert the amount into rupees. Or you will probably stop eating the icecream. Nah, nothing can make you stop eating it, though you'll certainly be shocked that a Like-it size costs Rs. 150, i.e about $3.something. Well worth it, but to be honest, I probably wouldn't have paid that kind of money for an icecream, for heaven's sake, had I been in India :-p.

Cold Stone also sell Icecream cakes created with layers of moist cake and icecream and its yummy. Totally irresistible :-D. I had got a Strawberry passion cake for Sri's birthday and what do I say! Simply fabulous!! Its like no other cake/pastry you'd have ever tasted!

My only crib is that they don't have Butter Scotch flavour icecream which is my absolute favourite (I have so much, yet crib for more :-p). But right now, I am absolutely loving the Strawberry flavour + Brownie + almonds + yellow cake like-it/love-it combination :). Oh man!! You have to eat it to believe it :). (Am I making you jealous? Hurray, hurray and more hurray >:-) :-D).

Godiva Chocolates:

(This image is again stolen err, taken from the official site of Godiva Chocolates)

Ok the copyright thingy again just because the Godiva official site looks better than the Cold Stone icecream wale, so they may be on a better watch out for people who steal their photos :-p.

I have always loved chocolate. Since I've come here to US, I've heard a lot about Godiva chocos from cousins, but never really tasted it until about a month ago. I was into Snickers and Hershey's, but was kind of getting tired of them. I had seen Godiva being sold in one of the malls here and so, being the dutiful wife I am ;-), I pestered Sri into buying some for me :-D.

The first Godiva chocos I got were a dark chocolate bar and 2 milk chocolate pieces with whole almonds. As soon as I was out of the mall, one of the pieces was broken and half of it was in my mouth. Ummmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmm!!! The other piece went into Sri's mouth, though he doesn't like chocolate very much. And he can't even differentiate between dark bitter chocolate and sweet milk chocolate. Sad!! But he does like white chocolate and that was what I got for him (the rest was all for me hehehehee) when we bought Godiva the second time.

The second time I also bought a macademia nut chocolate bar whose I taste I really can't describe, its so wow!! I also have a chocolate covered macaroon which I still haven't tasted and 2 pieces of a choco called "Iconique" which has some hazelnut filling thats crispy and delicious :-D. So as you can make out, this is only my second time at Godivas. But I'm sure they are gonnu get lots more visits from me ;-) :-D.

Cannot really talk about the cost again 'cause the chocolates are all very costly. I guess you have to pay the price for indulging like this ;-). A small bar of Godiva chocolate (any flavour) containing 4 pieces is about $2.75. Thats almost more than 30 rupees per piece!! Sometimes I almost feel guilty of spending that kind of money on a choco, but I get over the guilt in no time at all ;-) :-D. Mostly I have no memory of the guilt once the choco is in my mouth ;-).

Now comes the big question. If I am eating so much of chocos and icecreams, how come I haven't bloated up? Thanks for that has to go to myself, who somehow manages to drag herself to gym 5 days a week for a heavy 1-hour workout :-D. Had it not been for a 10 min warm-up session + 25 min of brisk walking/jogging + 10 min of weights + 15 min of abdomen exercizes each and every day except for a Saturday and a Sunday, I would have been a fat cow by now :-p.

And how does Sri remain slim? God only knows!! The man doesn't exercise, but gains not even a single ounce of weight. Some people are plain lucky, whereas others poor souls have to struggle and struggle. I have been trying to fatten him up to absolutely no avail. But if you ask me to give up chocos and ice cream just to be slimmer than him, all I can say is that you'll get a big fat TENGA :-D :-D :-D.


Ms. V retorted...

The CUTEST post on your blog yet :D Not to mention, yummiest!!

Vanditha retorted...

I was about to comment how you are maintaining your body weight. Then I remembered you saying you gym a lot nowadays. The last para confirmed that. Now, I understand why you wanted to become a cockroach in one of your earlier posts :D

I am inspired, ah not to gym but to indulge :D

Saranya Kishore retorted...

Hey Nice post.
Love Cold Stone.
But difficult to remain thin, with all the yummy stuff! :)

Deeps retorted...

>> Vids >>

Thanks. I dunno whether you have Cold Stone in Canada though. It seems to be only across US.

>> Vandu >>

I'm inspired to gym only because I eat such lovely stuff, and I can't give them up :). I do eat stuff limitedly but that constitutes 1 icecream once in a week and a chocolate daily (not a whole bar, 1 piece to 2) :-D.

>> Saranya >>

Thanks, I know, I know man, I know. I don't know how my hubby does it (being thin I mean) :-D.

Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

Yummm ..I think Ill go have an icecream today , though that would not go too well with my slightly obelisk shaped paunch :) . Regular exercise and all huh .. stud :)

Thanu retorted...

I know I have to work out to keep the weight off..

I envy ppll ike sri who can eat and eat and not gain weight.

Deeps retorted...

>> Harish >>

Stud or what !! Regular exercize and I already have a paunch ;-). Imagine what would happen if I leave exercizing :((.

>> Thanu >>

I know yaar. I envy him too. I dunno how he does it. Maybe its heriditary :(.

Neel Arurkar retorted...

Ah! Me here after long. New template for me :-)

Btw,I have also tried DBC at Corner House, Bangalore , but didnt really relish it.

Make your own ice cream sounds interesting :-)

vani retorted...

probably i am the last one to comment.I was bit busy and i could not see ur blog. ITs very tempting... oh my god hope i dont see those pics again and again.
bye, i looovvveeeddd this post very very much.

Deeps retorted...

>> Neel >>

Yeah DBC is only for the brave :-D. I told you, I shared it with a friend and was dead by the end of it ;-) :-D.

>> Vani >>

Comments are always welcome and last is not the least :). Thanku, thanku and thanku :).