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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Then we met.....

Yup another poem. This time a very simple one to say how grateful I am to have Sri in my life. Last year, same day i.e 13th November 2004, almost at the same time (Its about 6:30 to 7:00 PM in India now), I met Sri for the first time. Ours was a typical arranged marriage and he came to "see" me :-D. Now he has to see me everyday whether he wants to or not :-p :-D. The great man asked me questions per questions and said yes to his parents immediately after departing from my house!! I remember being stumped as I hadn't even decided whether to say Yes or No!! I took about a week, met him again after a week and later said Yes. So the equation is

His impulsive decision = My thought-out decision
==> A bakra and a bakri were trapped together 3 months later :-D

Hehehee. This poem is dedicated to my Sriram and all the joy he has brought into my life :).

Then we met....

Was it only an year ago
That I didn't even know you?
Then we met and life changed,
As if it was always meant to.

I was confused, lonely and
Searching for a soul mate.
Then we met and it was as though
A surprising turn around of fate.

I admit now that at first
I was fully apprehensive..
Then we met again and simply
Was I no more ever pensive..

I knew you were the one
and a decision was made.
Then we met again and again
And later vows were said..

Now I'm glad, so happy
That we are man and wife.
Then we met, now we are bound
Together with love for life..

Then we met and the rest is history.. Oops, err, the rest is the present and the future we have together :).


Missy (Ms. C) retorted...

Happy Anniversary! Wishing you both years of togetherness and happiness.

Arz000n retorted...

Happy Anniversary!!

And that poem was so cute.

Awesome one :)

Deeps retorted...

>> Missy >>

Thanks :). Its first met anniversary, the wedding anniversary is still 3 months away :).

>> Arz00n >>

Thanks :).

geethamh retorted...

Dearest Dee&Sri,

"May all your dreams come true... by the grace of Almighty"

Mom & Dad

Thanu retorted...


May god bless you both with lots of love and happiness.

Soumya retorted...


Happy first meeting anniversary!! May ur love be the strength to face all the challenges of the present and the future...Wishing u both a wunnerful life together...

Lovely photo...U've developed the typical grihini look!! Enjoy...

wise donkey retorted...

wonderful, touching:)
wish u the best:)

Deeps retorted...

>> Mom & Dad >>

Nimma aashirwaada irovaregu, our dreams will come true :).

>> Thanu >>

Thanks a lot. It sort of feels really strange when total strangers wish you from the heart. But it feels really nice :).

>> Soum >>

Typical gruhini? Grrrrrr!! That photo was taken on Deepawali after a nice oil head bath, thats why looking like that :). BTW I ought to look like that atleast sometimes, don't you think? ;-)

Thanks a lot :)

>> Gaya >>

Thanks :).

Het Waghela retorted...

that was quite romantic.

Neel Arurkar retorted...

My best wishes are with the couple !

ARUN retorted...

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also tell ur friends too...

Deeps retorted...

>> Het >>

Thanks :).

>> Neel >>

Thanks :).

>> Arun >>

Thanks for the info :).

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