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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Fair"y tales :-D.

I've been meaning to write something other than a "birthday countdown" post for what seems like days. But have been busy - hopefully will get to one such post in a couple of days. Meanwhile thought of putting up a couple of pics of the local fair we get here annually (I wrote about it last year). Last year Snugli was a bit too young to enjoy all the bits and pieces and I wrote how it'd be different this year :-D. Well, yeah, it was different as in suddenly we were pushed into the role of spectators and she was the adventurer.

We made it 2 times to the fair this year and this post is mostly about the 1st time (the 2nd time my camera was already poof and the iPhone taken photos don't really count :-p). The first time we did take passes for all of us, because we thought she might create a fuss and its better to ride with her. But she was totally at home :-D.

That was her first ride on her own, ever :) (well, the boy eventually did sit beside her, so on her own as in without us :-\).

We did go on the caterpillar roller coaster ride together (same as last year :-D)..

And the giant wheel (or the Ferris wheel as its called here) later..

I don't really like rides which go round and round, so Sri went with her whenever required (yeah I conveniently dumped the honours on him, hehehee).

And then there was a helicopter ride..

A dinosaur ride..

A bike ride..

The standard merry-go-around..

And a racing car ride which was her "favourite" (she says its so to this day ;-) :-D).

There was also a plane ride (no good pics to speak of) and this dragon roller coaster which she loved.

Phew! I think she enjoyed 12 rides in all. Seeing her enjoyment, I "absolutely" "had-to" take her there once more and hence the 2nd time (I pestered Sri until we went :-D). The 2nd time, we didn't even buy passes for ourselves and bought one for her, thats it. I was ready to run out and get one in case she panicked, but well, our little girl is truly growing up. She went on 12 to 14 rides without even giving us a second glance. I cannot be more proud, believe me, but some part of me was actually sad to see her be so independent. It was difficult for me to let go.

Its not like she's totally independent, but that day brought home the fact that time is slipping away. And no matter how hard we try to hold on, time always gets the better of us. Fortunately or unfortunately, there's nothing you and me can do about it..

P.S: On a totally different note, the Perseid meteor showers are this week, supposedly peaking on Aug 12th night and 13th early morning. I have already seen a couple of meteors in my pursuits of Astrophotography (thats the post I have been meaning to put up, so will be up soon) in the past week and I will be up on Thursday with my camera trying to photograph the pesky things :-D. Oughta be fun :).

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Sweet Nothings retorted...

Lovely lovely!! I totally understand what you mean by time slipping away..the other day when I saw a picture of a newborn I almost cried that I could never get those days back..crazy feeling though Sumukh is 7 months old and I just passed that phase of newborn.Snigdha is adorable and looks like she had wonderful time.I am loving your camera btw:-)