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Thursday, February 04, 2010

BTFYA 7 - And the happily ever after goes on :).

Well, 5 years ago, Sri and I took the big, plunge, tied the knot ;-). After that day, this is the first anniversary we are spending with parents and siblings. So that was special for today. Sadly, Snugli has been ill for a couple of days (has a bout of stomach infection), so the celebrations were subdued to say the least :-(. Even the dinner we had planned for the entire family had to be replaced by a pizza takeout :-\. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow.

I'm still in India, so don't really have the time for a long post. I also don't have too many photos of my wedding scanned, so don't ask me why I am writing the post :-p. I am going to just put up the ones I have put up already.

On Varapooje, my most prominent memory is of sitting like a doll and being presented with lots of items (dolls, jewelery and decorated stuff) from my in-laws :-D.

That night I slept at my house since it was so near to the marriage hall. I am teased to this day that I must be the only bride who didn't spend a night in the hall :-D. On second thoughts, I should change the "slept" to "not slept", 'cause the whole night I cried and cried and hardly slept for 2 hours. My mom, chikkamma and I slept in the same room and somehow one of us would start crying and so would the others :-\.

My wedding day started with the water sump (underground tank) being fully empty :-D. I remember waking upto the commotion :-D. The highlight of the day according to me was not really the mangalyadhaarane but the dhaare. Somehow the moment when the poojaris cut the bride from her gothra and join her to the groom's felt more of a real marriage moment to me than the tying of the three knots. It was surreal and I had tears in my eyes. It was not really that the emotional attachment was being cut, but the ritual somehow hit home the fact that I was being "given away" :(.

But the best moment was the Arundhathi nakshatra viewing. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in my blog somewhere, but here goes. Sri and I were talking outside the hall on the varapooje night when we were discovered (hehehehe) by the teasing cousins/parents troupe :-D. So when the star viewing ritual happened, mom teased us saying that Sri has shown me the star the previous night :-D. Well, the photographer captured the moment :-D.

The reception was full of smiling, smiling and more smiling. Our faces were numb with smiles, yet we smiled. At friends, acquaintances and even strangers, we smiled smiled and smiled :-D.

5 years later, we are still the same people with the same faces, albeit a few inches thicker round our waists, still continuing to discover, continuing to learn, to accept, to adjust, to just be, to live and to love :).


Srivalli retorted...

Deepti, Wish you a very happy anniversary and many more to come..

Sweet Nothings retorted...

Happy Anniversary Deepthi and enjoy your trip.

Rose retorted...

Happy anniversary!!..

Geetha retorted...

Dear Deeps,

At this moment we are tracking yr flight & arrived board at FFT.

We wish you to be happy forever &
love you sooooo much dear....

Smi retorted...

I've learnt more life lessons in 5 years of my marriage than the rest of my life. I am sure yours has been as eventful. And blessed.
Here's to many more years of marital bliss :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) retorted...

Happy Anniversary !!

Just like you, even for me the Dhaare was a very very emotional moment ... i wept buckets :( still do when I watch the marriage DVD ... and its been 9 long years.

WordPower retorted...

Happy Anniversary, Deepthi! I hope Snugli gets well soon!!