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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The duality..

The dual nature of us NRIs (yeah, there I admitted it :-p), always manages to surprise me. As long as we are in the US, we act mostly like Americans, doing our own work, following road rules and basically living the American life. As soon as we are here, our second personality takes over, we drive recklessly shouting at everyone (including the pedestrians who are treated like Gods in the US), let others do our work and basically the inherent Indian within us jumps out and rejoices :-D.

We are as comfortable with dollars as we are with rupees. Our stride doesn't change no matter we are in the most posh of malls there in the US or the dingiest of markets here in India. Yes there are factors which require a few modifications, but we manage to transition into those pretty smoothly too. For example when it comes to being stared at here in India, for me personally, I feel my defenses going up as soon as I land in India and I feel more aware :-\. I am more comfortable in western clothes than in Indian wear, but again I see myself adapt. And this adaptability is what amazes me the most. Its as if we have another face that we know about and bring forward only when required ;-). Its also what makes me question myself - is there anything called a true nature of a person? Hmmm..


kavita retorted...

Hi Deepthi
I have been reading your blog for quite some time now.. but never really made a comment.. I think your writing is amaznig particulary so as you bring out day to day events in a very interesting way.
I am wriring to you to know a little more about the increased security in US airports as uyou mentioned in the previous post. I will be flying out soon to join my husband in the US and will be making the trip alone. It would be great if you could tell me if there is something I should look out for and how the whole process and the emigration stuff works . Also this is my first trip to US and so any help suggestions would be much appreciated.

Deeps retorted...

Kavitha, thanks for your kind comments. You know I am in India, so sorry for the delay in the reply. There are some extra security measures for airlines towards the US. But again there are no fixed rules yet. But I have heard that some airlines are allowing only a single carry on bag (instead of a cabin luggage + handbag as they would earlier). So I'd suggest checking up with the airline that you are using.

Also I have written a post on my first time travel to US, you should find some immigration stuff there - Plus if you could mail me your email (my email in on my profile), I can send you more stuff about immigration and customs :).

I hope my advice is not too late. Have a good flight and welcome to the US :).

wise donkey retorted...

water doesn't require shape to have an identity
chamaleon doesn't require color to have an identity

behaviour may change, only the values shouldn't :)

A child who is quite at class, simply because its afraid of the teacher is not a quiet child..

Power and freedom are the true test of character..

and re dress deeps, one might be comfortable with beachwear at the beach but not at work..

in some cases duality is depressing like ur pedestrian example..after all wouldnt it be nice to give the Indians a treat while driving:)

Sid retorted...

Indians are probably some of the most adjustable people around the world I guess. Every part of the world that I have been to, I have seen an Indian! It's probably because of the 'Sulpa Adjust Maadi'/Kindly adjust attitude that we seem to grow up with.
Trains/Buses seat 4-5 people in place of 2!

sagarika retorted...

hey Deepthi...I have been reading your blog for quite some time..I like the way you write..I am from hyderabad too and curently living in singapore..Your baby is very cute :) ..Have a nice time in India...Keep writing(hopefully more about hyd :) )

kavita retorted...

Thanks a lot Deepthi, for your help . my friend told me about your blog and you, so mailed from her blog name to know the details. Will mail you very soon
Thanks and regards

Soumya retorted...

Humans, as a species can naturally adapt easily to circumstances.
I feel however that this change and adaptability is more behavioural. True nature of a person is more intrinsic, in my opinion.
Enjoy the privilege dear, quit analysing.:)
Hope you are having a great trip.

WordPower retorted...

Have a good time!