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Friday, August 21, 2009

The day is back ;-).

Hurray its finally the day!! The day I'm off my diet :-D.

Oh wait, I did not mean to say that ;-). What I meant to say is that today is the day I turn 29!! Yup, I'm 29 :))).

You may think that I am too old for compliments (;-) :-D),

or for cake, or in general for surprises :-D,

But you are WRONG!! :-D :))).

Love them as much as I used to :-D. I'm growing old, not forgetful ;-).

By the way, one thing I am sad about this year. Its one of these weird things I noticed when I turned 20. Since 2000 till now, the first and last digits of the year have matched my age (In 2001, I turned 21, in 2005 I turned 25 and so on). And this is the last year when that happens. Next year when I turn 30, it'll be 2010. So there goes my secret enjoyment :(.

Wait a min. Next year I turn 30. 30?? Now that I'm not so crazy about :-p.

Oh well, looking forward to the big three-oh :-D.


Vanditha retorted...

Happppppppy Birthhhhhhhhday!!! And please change that 'About me' section. It still says you are 27 old. That makes me feel older ;)

Soumya retorted...

Happy birthday girl! Your "About me" suits me just fine. I look at it and think I'm still 28:). Oh the momentary joy!

Deeps retorted...

Thanks girls. I had totally forgotten about the about me section :-p. I have to make some changes to it, so that I don't have to update it every now and then :-p.

Sweet Nothings retorted...

Happy Birthday Deepthi! Hope you have a great one.

Phalguni A.V retorted...

Happy BirthDay Deepthi!! Have a great Day.

Timepass retorted...

Happy Birthday Deepthi

Sid retorted...

Happy Birthday Deepthi and I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating it. It's great that you actually like celebrating and people wishing you and stuff.
I have seen that as people get older, these celebrations fall on the wayside. Keep up the spirit.