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Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy First birthday my Snoogli bear!

Its strange that I don't know what to write for this post. I have always known exactly what to write for each birthday post. But today I am so overwhelmed, so overcome with emotion that I cannot really think straight. What do I write about? About how Snugli has changed my life? How I have grown the past year or actually how she has grown the past year? How her impact on our lives is? How she has managed to be a part of every moment of my life? How important she is to me? How I still can't believe she's 1 year old already? How I still sometimes think I'm dreaming all this?

Can you see the above lilypie ticker? She's 1! She's 1! Oh my god, she's 1 year old, I say!

Was it only last year that I was still in the hospital with the pains increasing moment by moment and I telling the baby to wait until its December 19th (just because I wanted the same date in US and India :-\)? I am writing this post Dec 18th night, so sue me :-p. Its a cliche, but it seems just like yesterday when I started getting pains in the evening and we drove to the hospital. It seems just like yesterday when my parents were here holding my hands whenever a wave of pain would hit me and Sri was constantly watching over me. It seems like so much has happened in such a short time. Our baby is standing all on her own now and takes 2 steps (thats it :(, but well, I know I'll start complaining non-stop once she starts running all over the place :-p). She has 6 teeth now (4 upper and 2 lower incissors), has already gotten haircuts twice (!), recognizes 90% of her toys by name and has recently started to point towards things that she wants and screams if she doesn't get them :-p :-D.

I can't believe I came up with a poem in a matter of minutes, I swear its the truth :).

You point to airplanes and birds
Cooker, balloons and fireplace..
Walk holding onto sofas and tables
And people with a smiling face..

Whenever you do not approve
Of things happening around you,
The twinkle in your lovely eyes
Changes to tears as if on cue!

How did a little one so young
Who knew only how to loudly bawl,
Learn to smile, laugh and play,
Start to roll, creep and crawl?

Now you are standing on your own feet
Pressing buttons to play sounds
Dancing to the tunes your toys make
Never staying within your bounds..

But I'd never have it any other way
May you continue to be who you are
Brighten the lives of all around you.
Happy birthday to you, my little star.

Happy first birthday, my little Snoogli bear :)

(This was taken on Snugli's birthday as per the Hindu calendar which was on 8th December this year).


Subhashini Sury retorted...

awwww!!! Happy Bday snugster!!!

Wont it be awesome when she grows up and reads all this :)Lucky baby indeed :)

~nm retorted...

One year already!!??

Happy Birthday Snugli!

She is looking so adorable in this pic!

Altoid retorted...

Birthday wishes to Snugli. Time goes by unbelievably fast for sure!

Happy holidays to all


Swati retorted...

Such a adorable pic and very sweet poem. Happy Birthday Snugli!

Sachin retorted...

appy appy birth day cutie pie...

Timepass retorted...

I already wished Snugli Advanced Bday wishes, now I wish her Belated bday wishes!!! Phew..I am never on time..

Soumya retorted...

Happy birthday Snugli dear! Sorry I'm late.
Cute photo..Time flies yaar..Unbelievable!

Amrita retorted...

Happy Birthday Snugli!!
Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

Manasa retorted...

Happy Birthday to Snugli :)

Ranjani retorted...

Happy birthday Snigdha! You look so cute in your dress!