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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Budday blast!

Snugster timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme!!

Thanku, thanku and thanku for all the budday wishes :). So sweet of you to remember and wish me. I am one year old and am a grown up girl now. So I have decided to defy mom and take over her blog for a post (err, sorry mom, won't do this again). Since am going off to spend New year in Florida, thought I'll quickly tell you what all I did for my first birthday.

You know that I celebrated the birthday as per Hindu calendar on 8th Dec. So there were various types of food (a few of which I got to eat) on that day. On my birthday I got up early, had my head bath and got dressed in a new zari langa.

There were again various types of foods. Plus mom baked an eggless orange cake, her first attempt at a cake. Thankfully I got only a taste, so I was saved :-D. But dad, naanamma and thaatha did say they loved the cake (don't know whether they were just being kind ;-) :-D).

So evening we had a personal celebration at home in which I cut the cake (well, dad and mom held my hand, but that doesn't count, I say!) and we all enjoyed eating it.

I got this rocking cycle as a gift from mom and dad..

I can't really peddle it yet, but I sure love to rock on :).

The next day we had a party at Gattitown.

I loved my cake :).

So I cut the cake again (man, I love birthdays :-D).

There were lot of grown-up kids like me (which was surprising) and I got many wonderful gifts :-D. (I am loving birthdays more and more ;-) :-D).

After lunch, we went to the gaming area and I really enjoyed the various rides :).

I was tired, but dad and mom enjoyed a few more games. Finally I was totally tired and done..

Well, in the evening we opened gifts and I did have a blast seeing new dresses and toys. All in all, a birthday well spent and well deserved. I just can't wait for another birthday (but mom says quite the opposite).

Gotta go now, gotta rest for the big trip tomorrow. More from mom later :).


on9thcloud retorted...

Wow! You are a big girl Snugli :-).I am glad you had so much fun. And Deepthi! Welcome to Florida. You have my me anytime.We can meet and our girls can have fun as well.

Manasa retorted...

Happy Bday to Snigdha :)

Archana retorted...

Belated b'day wishes Snuggles :-)! O boy, you are already one - woohoo!

Shyam retorted...

Oh my god, you have probably the cutest little baby in the world! What an absolutely adorable little sweetiepie!!! Reminds me of my niece when she was her age :)