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Friday, September 28, 2007


I took this photo in Miami City beach. The photo was a sudden inspiration and so were the 2 ideas for poetry that attacked me. I couldn't let either of the ideas go, so well, wrote 2 poems :).


1) Footprints..
2) Footprints..
We enter this world totally dependent,
Even crawling, later walking is a strain.
But soon we learn to walk, then to run,
Footprints vanish, moments remain..

Our parents lead us through childhood,
Hold our hands through joy and pain.
Bandage aches when we fight and play,
Footprints vanish, emotions remain..

We burst into adolescence with a bang!
We love, we crib, we care, we complain.
We strive to achieve more in less time,
Footprints vanish, triumphs remain..

We move on to a self-sufficient world
On to work and other things mundane.
Marriage, children, so on, on and on,
Footprints vanish, deeds remain..

And so we walk in every stage of life,
Be it in sunshine or be it in rain.
We walk like there is no tomorrow.
Footprints vanish, memories remain..
Every person walks to a different beat,
One may strut while another may pace.
One may be the legendary slow tortoise,
While another prefers to run the race.

One maybe satisfied to remain behind,
While another walks to newer heights.
One maybe content to sit in the dark,
While another walks to brighter lights.

One may shout at others to catch up,
While another may plead to go slow.
One may have heavy burdens to bear,
While another may be swift as a doe.

One may have no time to stop and sigh,
While another may take a breath or two.
While one may fret on the long journey,
Another may consider it long overdue.

No matter where you decide to tread,
Or how you hike life's hard terrain.
Footprints on the path may soon vanish,
Nevertheless memories always remain..


Anonymous retorted...

WoW...this is a simply beautifully captures shot & a lovely poem to go with it...Wonderful!

Vanditha retorted...

Liked the first poem!! Good one!

Kiran retorted...

"One maybe satisfied to remain behind,
While another walks to newer heights.
One maybe content to sit in the dark,
while another walks to brighter lights."

nice lines.. awesome

gud day! :-)

Deeps retorted...


Thanks a lot :). And welcome to my blog :).


Only the first? :(.


:-D. Thank you sir.

Chickoo retorted...

You are really talented girl! Love your poems.

Geetha retorted...

Deepu....I saw a face near your foot print hi .. poem touched my heart....

wise donkey retorted...

i loved the second one more:)
you have a beautiful way with words deeps:)