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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Conversations with myself ;-)

27th September 2007, Thursday night:

Me: I'm so worried. Mom's travelling all alone. And she has so much to do! She has to change planes in Paris and later go through the immigration formatlities here in US..

The baby kicks.

Me: Yeah, many people have done it. But I'm worried all the same. Maybe I should have put an ad for a travel companion. Why didn't I do it? I could kick myself!

A strong kick.

Me: Thanks a lot :-p. Well, whats done is done. She has left India right now, so whatever happens we'll see.

Anoother kick.

Me: Ok, ok. I'll stop worrying and sleep now.

28th September 2007, Thursday night:

Me: Wow!! Mom did it!! She tackled everything like a pro. Though there was some construction in Paris and language barriers, she made it! She crossed immigration and customs here in US with flying colours (despite carrying a suitcase full of food :-D). I'm so proud of her!

The baby kicks.

Me: Ok baba "You told me so" :-p.


Kiran retorted...

oh! that was quite a moment!.. can imagine what it feels like..

all is well and fine..
hv a gud time :-)

Usha retorted...

Hey congratulations.
So when is the due date?

Vanditha retorted...

The way you have interspersed the baby kicking with your personal conversations is real touchy!

Deeps retorted...


Yeah it was :).


Thanks, its Dec 23rd.


One of the instances actually happened. I was worried about the travel companion thing, when the baby actually kicked. That was the inspiration for the post :).

Chitra retorted...

Hey Deeps, I am very late in congratulating you! This is awesome news. Hearty congratulations!

Reading your blogs is for me practically going back in time about 5 yrs usually! :))

I can so totally understand how it is to have your mom there with you in the last weeks of pregnancy! Awesome news. Enjoy! Get pampered!

Chickoo retorted...

Cool! Like chitra said, get yourself thoroughly pampered. Enjoy!!

Timepass retorted...

Have a nice time with your mom
( and ofcourse with the suitcase full of goodies!!)

Deeps retorted...


Thanks :). Nostalgia eh? ;-).


I am being pampered all right :).


Yeah the goodies are great ;-). The expression on my face should have been worth seeing when my mom took out all those goodies ;-).

Geetha retorted... are underestimating me...
I enjoyed my travel & nice experience too...Saptha sagara galannu dati banda anubhava