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Friday, June 08, 2007

Dearest Mom :)

Today is the birthday of my mom and my best friend. Not very surprisingly, both are the same person :). She is one person who I can talk to about anything, fight over very small issues, argue over nonsensical stuff but basically have lots of respect and love for :). We can gossip for hours, yet understand each other without saying anything. She's certainly one of the people I just cannot live without. She has held me at rough times, irritated me sometimes and walked as a friend by my side at all other times..

So continuing my birthday tradition of this year, here's the evolution snap :).

"Many Many Happy Returns of the day to a mom who's lovable, huggable and sometimes even scoldable :-D. Thanks for being the best mom/friend a girl can ever have :)".


Chickoo retorted...

Wow! Your mom looks so beautiful! You look so much like her. Please wish her on my behalf a very happy birthday.

Chickoo retorted...

Check out June 7th edition of vijay times paper, it has my blog :))

Smi retorted...

Hey my mom used to wear those huge hoops too!:)
Belated Happy Birthday to yours!

Deeps retorted...

Deepa, thanks and congrats to you too :)).

Smi, those hoops and sarees with weird prints were common those days :-D. Thanks :).