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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blowing my own trumpet :-D.

A real quick update. I am feeling really proud and happy today. One of my blog posts is published in Vijay Times epaper's Jun 6th 2007 "Bloggers' park" section.

Here's the way to access it:

1) Go to Vijay Times Epaper.
2) Do not register but click on "Click here for FREE access to e-paper".
3) A pop-up window wil open with the day's online paper.
4) On the top right side there will be Edition and Date dropdowns.
5) Select date as Jun 6th 2007.
6) Scroll using "next" or "previous" to Page 6.
7) Scroll down a little to see the "Blogger's park" section and my post "The age of innocence" in it :). BTW the original post is here.

:-D. And thanks to Chitra for pinging and letting me know :).


Biju retorted...

that's nice. congrats!!

Did the newspeople ask for your permission before publishing? if not, that's violation of your copyright, you know.

Deeps retorted...

Biju, nope they didn't ask my permission. But I haven't put any copyright marks anywhere. Hmmmmmmm so I wonder....

accidental diva retorted...

thats awesome!! the post n its really well written..made me totally nostaligic.

Congrats again:)

Biju retorted...

well they could have asked, for the sake of etiquette.

anyway let me not take attention from the fact that you have been published!!! Congrats again! :) enjoy the limelight.

Deeps retorted...

Dee thanks :).

Biju, one more thing is that they have mentioned the source (another reason I can't say copyright infringement :-D). But as you said, it'd have been nice if they had asked. For one, I'd have known first, instead of somebody reading it and letting me know ;-).

Chitra retorted...

Yes, I have been mulling about the 'not asking part' also. They mention the source, yes. Though I told you about your post, I didn't see mine until somebody mentioned it to me, and she is quite clear what they did was not right. Lets see.