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Friday, April 20, 2007

Shooting saga continued..

Much discussion has been going on about the shooting a few days ago. First of all, Cho Seung-hui sent a tape/pictures of himself to a NBC (he's supposed to have posted the package between the shootings!). So there has been much talking on whether the news channels should show the videos or not (well, all of the channels played them non-stop the first day they were released and the next day declared that they were sympathetic to the victims' families and stopped playing them). One point of view being that people should know why he did it while the opposite saying that showing the video might influence other people into following in his footsteps. God! Its TV for heaven's sake. If you don't want to watch, there is a power-off button, in case you didn't know!

Secondly, people have been saying how mentally ill Cho was. How mentally, he was a boiling cauldron ready to explode. And what we can do to recognize such mental illness in some kids and stop them from harming other people. Gimme a break! How do you determine somebody's mental health? Just because somebody is depressed, can you lock them up? Everybody is a bit crazy in their own way. What's the measure of this "craziness"?? What if a very decent person, behaving normally, suddenly heads off into a shooting rampage? What'll be the explanation of that then?? The kids play violent video games and watch more violence on TV and in movies. Why don't you discuss about that? Why don't you say they are corrupting the children and make a move to stop those?

Thirdly it seems now there is a paranoia about Oriental men. They are being looked at suspiciously just like Middle eastern people were after 9/11 (they are still being looked at like that at present). People are nuts! What happened to the fact that it was Americans who did all the shooting and raping in the Katrina incident? So will you be scared of your neighbour eh? Won't get out of the house? What about yourself? How can you trust "you"?? Again, the media is having a field day interviewing Oriental men on whether they are being discriminated against. They try to exploit every fear a person can ever have and actually succeed in spreading more panic!

What people don't seem to be discussing a lot is about Gun control. Do you know how easy it is to get a gun in the state of Virginia? All that is needed is a driver's licence and no criminal record! Can you believe that! I can go and get a gun without being asked any questions! And I haven't even seen a real gun (except some in museums and movies :-\) and have no clue how to operate one! But I can buy one if I feel like it! A 16-year old gets a DL here. So if he/she has no past criminal record, they can walk into a gun shop and walk out with a gun. Its totally unbelievable! But nobody wants to talk about changing that. Why? Is that because all these gun manufacturers "feed" the Government?

The media can talk, talk and talk more but end up accomplishing nothing. I really feel irritated whenever they say "Oh the police had arrested him before but they never realized..." or interview a roommate to ask "And you never thought this guy could be like this?". The roommates are not psychics, nor are the police miracle workers! I know some introverted people, doesn't mean they are killers! Tomorrow even if one of them turns out to be a killer, how am I supposed to know? Guess work? The worse part is none of this talk is going to change the fact for the 32 people who died and their grieving families. Philosophically you can say their time was up or whatever. But the pain of a loved one taken away, is only felt by the one who has lost them...

May the victims' souls rest in peace..


Biju retorted...

i guess that's the way the govt here works.. they don't talk about gun control, they don't talk about the fact that they installed Saddam, that they created the Taliban, that they funded Osama. That's the way it is.

Deeps retorted...

Biju, sad but true..

accidental diva retorted...

All depressed people dont end up shooting n killing 32 people...why dont people understand that????
The only thing the media is concerned with is news...n not how dumb they sound asking these stupid questions!!!!

Deeps retorted...

Dee, the media is discussing as if they are. As if every depressed person is going to go on a shooting rampage. And true, they do sound stupid..

mommyof2 retorted...

Its so stupid how they didn't try to look for him in those 2 hrs. If it was India police wouldh've been beating the heck out of every person in dorm.. Its bad too but Looking at both options I think beating inocent people is still safer than killing them..

wise donkey retorted...

deeps agree..

i think people should take emotional health seriously, but thinking everyone who feels lonely depressed or have an emotional prob is going to be a killer is just going to drive the persons with probs further away..

and there is this ridiculous idea that if there had been more guns it would have been better..

well all we can hope is further tragedies atleast can be averted..

Usha retorted...

I agree with you. While it is not possible to identify possible criminals from their looks or colour or race, it is possible to control crime by taking away arms. Why is it so tough to prevent possession of arms?