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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Buh-bye car!

After a companionship of almost 2 years, our Nissan Sentra (NS) has finally found a new home.

Sriram bought the NS, 2 years ago in April. I hadn't even come to US then. He actually got it third hand, the NS first belonged to an old woman, later her son and then us. Yup it was old, yup it wasn't really suitable for long drives (we never did take it to one), yup its radio was conked, but it was Sri's first own car. It was our first car as a couple and that makes it very special.

When we bought the new Toyota Highlander (TH), we didn't really want to sell the NS. I wanted to learn to drive in NS, the selfish idea being that even if I crash it, it was old anyways :-p. Moreover I was kind of intimidated by TH too, it was too huge to start off learning to drive in. So NS became the first car I drove in the US. Again another first..

Once my driving license was done and I had started driving the TH with comfort, there was really no use for the NS and it was sadly occupying space and taking money in terms of the monthly insurance premium also. So we put it up for sale. After a couple of "lookers", we finally negotiated a pretty fair deal and everything got finalized yesterday. A lady bought the NS and took it away yesterday evening.

As she drove away, I felt sad, don't know why. The NS certainly didn't have a high financial value, but it had a bit of emotional value for both of us I guess. Now the previously full garage looks empty with only TH standing there. It feels like we have lost something. But in time I know we'll let it go. In time it will all be only pleasant memories. I only hope the lady takes good care of it.

How do you find the words to say
To say goodbye
If your heart don't have the heart to say
To say goodbye
- Alicia Keys


Smi retorted...

Wow!What a coincidence!!
We had the exact same model of Sentra and what's more, we had the exact same color as well, while we were in the US!!
As if the coincis were not enuff, I did feel the twinge that u did when I parted it with too..!

Thanu retorted...

Or u cud buy another car to fill the garage... not the void in the heart though.

Deeps retorted...

Smi, wow, thats really a coincidence :). I guess its natural to feel a bit sad...

Thanu, we plan to do probably buy another car, but just not right now.

Orchid retorted...

I can totally understand this attachment...when we bought our car second car..Uj offered me the privilege of choosing a car since he said I could have the new car.....but I turned the offer to drive a brand spanking new car and settled for the old one dahling Passat...j got the new Volvo for himself...thanks for letting us share our car stories :)

soumya retorted...

Echo ur feelings completely..First car always has a special place in our hearts..It's so hard to say goodbye..
Think of all the good times dear..

Deeps retorted...

Orchid, thanks for sharing the car stories :).

Soum, I know you agree. But sometimes, I guess we have to move on to the better :).