Like Duck to Water, thats how I have taken to life :). This blog is the saga of love and adventures of a small duck in a large water body called LIFE....

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Similes for Love :)

Similes For Love

Like a sharp thorn protects a rose,
Like a sting is the armour of a bee..
Like a shell safeguards a turtle,
Your love always looks out for me.

Like water helps the plants thrive,
Like bees survive on sweet honey..
Like little grains that birds peck on,
Your love is the nourishment for me.

Like a kite bound by a thick string,
Like a wind that pushes clouds gently..
Like a tree holding onto its leaves,
Your love lets me fly, yet chains me.

Like a volcano exists because of lava,
Like most humans are after money..
Like breath, food, clothes and shelter,
Your love means the life to me.


Samba retorted...

Beware of women who write poetry!

Deeps retorted...

Samba, hehehe, they will scratch and bite ;-).

khushi retorted...

"Your love makes me fall in love each and every moment".
Similes for love.... nice one.

Amit retorted...

Hey Deepthi...I dont know whether you still remember me or not...This is Amit...You were the first one who posted comments on my blog...I have been out lately and out of blog completely...Actually right now doing my MBA and having a very hectic life...

Again as usual good poem...If you are able to shake your memory a lil bit to recall my name somewhere, its great...

Deeps retorted...

Like a butterfly smitten with flowers
Like sunflowers follow the sun adoringly
Like a river rushing to meet ocean many times
Your love makes me fall in love again unwittedly.. :))

Amit, ofcourse I remember you. I recently left a comment on your blog during Diwali, hopeing you'd be back to blogging. Good to know you are doing good and are busy with your MBA. Good luck and all the best :).

maavinayanasa retorted...

very nice simile. nice poem. please post more and more and vent your thinking.

thank you for making my day.