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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nostalgia :)


It just seems like yesterday
When I learnt first to talk.
Held safely by my parents' hands
When I was taught how to walk..

It just seems like yesterday
When I stepped out of the house.
Studied, played, made new friends
Fights, exams and all such grouse..

It just seems like yesterday
When life turned yet another page.
Crushes, mischief, complex subjects
There was so much to do in college..

It just seems like yesterday
When I first became independent.
Faced my first job and workplace
The first time my money, I spent..

It just seems like yesterday
When I met the man of my dreams
Two years of bliss have flown
Like moments, or so it seems..

It just seems like yesterday
And so it always probably will..
I only hope when I'm old and frail,
It'll all feel like yesterday, still...


geethamh retorted...

heart touching.....deepuuuu

Soumya retorted...

How true!!!Beautifully written...Couldn't agree with u more.

Deeps retorted...

Mom, thanku :).

Soum, commenting from India eh? I am so proud :-D, hehehe :)). Thanks :).

Chitra retorted...

Deepti, wishing you and your hub many happy returns. Wishing you many more wonderful years ahead!

Well written!

Deeps retorted...

Chitra, hehehe, no this is not another anniversary. Its just what it says it is, plain good old nostalgia...

srinivas retorted...

wonderful narration of past. it is like seeing things in mirror. it is visible but cannot be felt :)

another week is closing its curtains. behind it another year is closing its account. by the time, you expect new era in your life, it would have come and gone. can anybody stop time clock?

thank you for making me to write these few words.