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Sunday, December 11, 2005

What is it? :)

What is it?

As I go out of the house for a walk,
I notice something falling from the sky.
Oh, my god, it is rain, I think,
I don't want to get wet as I walk by.

But they do not look like rain drops,
Rain is definitely not white in colour.
Are they many white insects, I ask,
rushing past, 'cause of the cold weather?

One of the white things touches my face.
Its not an insect, for it doesn't fly away.
Maybe they are cotton bits, I wonder,
Maybe some flew out of a truck going my way?

But cotton is certainly not cold
And does not feel like crushed powdered ice.
They were snow flakes, all along I knew, but
wrote a poem, as prose just wouldn't suffice.

Hehehehee. Kinda silly poem I know (sounds almost desperate to be a poem :-D). But there was no other way I thought I could justice to my first snowfall. The flurries are very hard to describe. I can only say that they feel very nice. They feel like a shower of oh-so-soft small cold thermocole balls :). But they look like small strands of cotton. You long to catch them, but most of them are so light that they sway to and fro with the slightest breeze. Even if you do manage to catch one or two, they melt in a matter of seconds leaving you with nothing. But I honestly had a wonderful time trying to catch a few. The snowflakes I have seen till now have been very slight (haven't seen heavy snow fall yet, so looking forward to it) and thats why its difficult to catch them :).

The snow deposit has also been only upto 1 to 3 inches, so no snowmen/women till now. January is supposed to be the coldest in Kentucky and thats when max snow fall is expected, so my first snowman (or something looking like a snowman) will be built only then ;-). There's one post definitely due when that happens :).


wise donkey retorted...

:)) actually i liked the poem even though i realised its snow.

till now wheneve i thought of snow, it would be that its white and cold , forgot the texture, your cotton ball line was an eye opener,

enjoy the season:)

Soumya retorted...

hey, the poem was cute, even though i knew what u were talking about...
isn't first snow so exciting?? my favourite thing about snow is walking at night when there's a light snow fall...nothing can beat the brightness of light with so much white all around...even on a moonless night, there's enough light and the snowflakes are all shining...i just love to look at snow in the dark...

u enjoy the snow while it lasts...and keep writing...also take care...keep warm & watch ur step while walking...

Deeps retorted...

>> Gaya >>

Thanks :-D. I really don't know how to describe snow. The flurries are really wonderful, but can't be compared to anything else at all ;-).

>> Soum >>

Wow, 2 people liking my poem, must mean its ok. My main critic (Sriram :-D) didn't like it that much :-p. In fact, I myself wondered many times whether to post it or not as it sorta sounded desperate to me :-D.

I know what you mean by watching your step.You take lots of care too, as snow is more in your part of the world :).

geethamh retorted...

May be wonderful experience! Enjoy ! Baby...

Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

Tht was indeed a desperate attempt at poetry :P , but jokes apart , its nice that you have realised that poetry conveys more . Enjoy the sason :)

DeePDiveR retorted...

Hey! Great poem! Talk abt nicname's also i think i get 'dip dip dip'...infact that was how my cousins used to tease me. neway good luck...and merry christmas

Deeps retorted...

>> Harish >>

I know, I know {hides her face with her hands}. Hehehe :))

>> Deep >>

A hi from Deeps to Dipz :). Nice to meet another with the same nickname :). Thanks and wish you the same :).

Usha retorted...

I have only seen snow in films and photos - always fantasisied about how it must feel against one's face or to feel drenched by a sudden downpour of snowflakes. Looks very beautiful but tell me can you really feel anything against your body with so much wrapped around to protect against the cold?
Have fun enjoying the snowfall.

Deeps retorted...

>> Usha >>

Yeah we can feel the snow against our faces as we can't cover them ;-). Recently, It was snowing in the morning. I went outside without any coat just to wave good bye to Sri. I was enjoying the feel of the snowfall, when my sneaky hubby threw a snowball at me. Man, that was colllld!! Brrrr :-D.