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Monday, December 19, 2005

Learning to Fly...

Learning to Fly..

Baby bird says to her mother, Ma bird,
"I say I do not want to go!!
I do not want to learn to fly!
Mother, why do you force me so?"

Ma bird says "Child, that is not so.
You have to learn how to fly
You have to reach higher and higher
To embrace the peak of the sky."

"But why mother? Why can't I be here?
Why can't I be warm in the nest?
Why do I have to be like others?
Why am I being given this test?"

"Thats the way of the world, my child.
Thats what all birds have to do!
And I want all other birds to know
That my little one can fly too."

Baby bird reluctantly steps out,
Reaches out and jumps from the tree.
Though she falls, she doesn't mind
She's now on a learning spree..

Soon she learns how it is to fly,
She learns to soar high and high!
She starts to fly out now and then
Without even bidding Ma bird goodbye.

Ma bird, one day, says with tears in her eyes,
"Now that you have the sky to explore,
You'll probably make new friends
And may not want to come home anymore.."

"Don't cry mother", baby bird replies,
"Many new wonderful places I may roam,
Many new exotic birds I may meet, but
Every once in a while, I will come home"

"Mother, I'll never forget the way home.."


Sachin retorted...

I have booked singapore air, I hope it knows the way home for me.

Hey very cute poem!.

Soumya retorted...

very sweet one deeps...

Suds retorted...

Nice one...Enjoy...

Rays Of Sun retorted...

Wow! did you write this poem??Amazing!!

Deeps retorted...

>> Sachin >>

You better catch hold of the pilot and ask him before the plane takes off :-D.

>> Soum >>

Thanks re, this poem goes out to my mom :).

>> Suds >>

Thanks :).

>> ROS >>

I don't have the habit of stealing others' poems and posting them on my blog :-p. Hehehe :). Its all mine, mine, mine, mine, muahahahaha!! :-D

Rays Of Sun retorted...

Wow! Bravo:) Fly high:)

wise donkey retorted...

deeps it was just so beautiful and touchin. now i dont know how to write a better comment to express it:(

well done.

so simple and yet so delightful and beautiful:)

Usha retorted...

such a chweet poem - ya, how can one forget the way home?

Neel Arurkar retorted...

This bird is 1000 kms away from home :-)

rimjhim retorted...

are mai to tod-fod krne ke lie aaee thee...per poem padh ke sentee ho gayee yaar!!!!@

good poem,...

remember me ne?? mai vheen hun...jiska tumne record toda hai..aur mai fir aaungee revenge lene HAHAHA...devil laugh...

Deeps retorted...

>> ROS >>

This bird wants to return home..

>> Gaya >>

Thanks, I think since it came from the heart, its simple :).

>> Usha >>

There are some birds which do forget the way home. I don't want to be one of them ;-).

>> Neel >>

I don't even know the exact kms I am away from home. 10's of thousands, I guess. I have a home here, but what I'm talking basically about is "mother"..

>> Rinku >>

Hehehe that was the trick :-D. To make you senti and forget about your thod-phod :-D. Ofcourse I remember you. Tujhse hi toh me race me jeeti ;-).