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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A blogger's best friend..

Thats what my blog has become in 6 years to me. Thats right, today is exactly 6 years since I started writing my blog. That certainly means that there have been atleast 6 posts including this one, talking about how much my blog has come to mean to me. Good excuse to write a post at the least :-D.

Seriously though, I cannot believe that I'm still writing. I mean, ideally I did think and do think that I will be writing all my life, but the situations in life don't really give you that kind of a comfort level or that kind of a time. I've seen blogs and the associated bloggers disappear without a word suddenly because of life pressures and I don't really blame them. When I had Snugli, there were many points in time when I did wonder whether I was 'neglecting' her by dedicating a bit of time to my activities (especially blogging). But there's my duties as a mother to her, as a wife to my husband, as a daughter to my parents and then there is a duty to myself. To do the things I love to do :).

And I do love to write. The posts have been slow for the past couple of months, due to the little one that I'm carrying. Call it fatigue or maybe laziness, but to be honest, I don't mean to give up on the blog yet. Have no idea how tough it'll be after the delivery, but right now, I plan to make some time somehow :). So hopefully there will be a post next year celebrating the 7th birthday of the blog if it goes as well as it is going right now. And to add, I don't really have that many commentators pestering me to write, so that must prove that this is purely for myself and few of my family/friends who are regular visitors :).

Another hindrance to blogging is the evolution of day-to-day social networks like twitter and facebook. I'm still not on twitter, thank God (cannot afford to update yet another one), but I am on facebook and I have to admit that its easier to put up daily thoughts there, than create a post for it on the blog. Obviously there is no detail-oriented stuff as it is here in this blog, but its good for a quick quote or a quick link pointing to a news I thought was interesting. Yet for me personally, that can never take the place of this blog - even though for some people apparently it does. I have seen people update 10-20 status messages per day, upload irritating photos of what they cook daily or see daily or do every second of every minute of every hour of every day and people updating the damn thing when they are attending weddings (right now while attending someone else's wedding, but I'm sure the day will come when they'll be updating during their own as well :-p), or watching cricket or doing anything. And everytime I see this I feel like shouting at them to stop and to enjoy what's happening in actuality rather than striving to keep strangers "updated" (sadly some even consider strangers as very good friends :-p). But oh well, its their life, their choices.

Anyways, a very happy 6th birthday to my beloved blog. Hope you continue to exist as long as I do :).


indu retorted...

Hi deepthi,
iam a regular reader of your blog and is delurking for the first time.wish your blog a happy birthday. just wanted to say that i thoroughly enjoy your posts. iam guilty of not letting you know of it like many others iam sure. so don't be dejected please know there are so many'strangers' like me who love your posts and wish you well silently.:)
take care

Sweet Nothings retorted...

Congrats!You are one dedicated blogger and I'm sure you will celebrate many more birthdays of the blog:-)You are so right with the facebook updates. I cannot agree more.

Deeps retorted...

Indu, thanks for delurking :). Thats very sweet of you :).

Lavanya, thank you, I sure hope so :).

Sachin retorted...

Deeps, consider this is me pestering you to write more and never to stop...

love reading your posts. anyday.. Its got humorous and interesting as days have gone by.. I am pretty sure I have not missed a single post and there are days when you would have not written much and I am forced to reread your older ones.. ;)

keep writing!

Ekta retorted...

Hi Deepthi,

Don't give up on writing. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.I may have not left my comments on every posts of yours but believe me I read each one of them.

Keep writing. Hope to see ur 7th year post soon.


ಅರುಣ ಪ್ರಕಾಶ retorted...


joke maadtilla taane!! there are quite a few videos of people updating their status in facebook during their wedding ceremony. ninna oohe swalpa taDavaagi bartide :) hehe

in any case - ninna blog ge huTTu habbada haardhika shubhAshayagaLu :)


Deeps retorted...

Sachin, thanks man, your comment made my day :). And I do hope you know that I consider you one of the friends I mentioned :).

Rashmi, thanks for commenting :). Now the pressure to go on seems to be increasing :-D.

Arun, I have seen videos by foreigners updating facebook on their nuptials, but haven't yet encountered an Indian one. I was generally talking about desi friends who update all the time. But hopefully, since Indian weddings have so many rituals it won't be that easy to update stuff during + the possibilities of people killing you ;-) :-D. Thanku :).

Margie retorted...

Congrats on six years of blogging.
I'm going on 5 years.
And congrats on the soon-to-be baby!

Take care.