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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snugster is backkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

I cannot believe that its been more than an year since I pestered you guys. Well, I am a busy baby going to school these days, so I have absolutely no time to hack into mom's blog. I hope you understand. In case you still don't know who I am, I am Snugster {evil laugh}, hehehehe >:-).

I thought since mom has been slacking so much in keeping the blog updated, there's nothing like some photos of me to keep you guys interested :). How else to trouble you guys? Oh yeah, I'll also be listing a set of rules that people have to follow around me. Hope that keeps you satisfied until mom pops in (don't tell her I've been helping her, its not good for my reputation, ;-) :-D).

So whats up with me? Early December, I had a Christmas party organized by my school. I had a good time singing "Jingle bells" and "We wish you a merry Christmas" at the top of my voice. Mom keeps saying I was the most enthusiastic one out there :-D. Here's me with Santa Claus :).

As you know I celebrated my birthday in December. Yeah I was a bit ill, but I can't let a meagre illness spoil my troublesome nature now, can I?

I had a good time at both my parties (one for our friends in Lexington and the other for my friends at school).

Then January was the time for Sankranthi and bhogi pallu, so here I am getting hit with blueberries, chickpeas, flowers and coins :-D.

I have to admit that I joined in the fun - I threw some at myself too ;-).

What else? One fine snowy day, when mom and I both weren't sick in any way, we went out and had a good time playing in the snow..

We made this snow man errrrrr snow alien :-p.

Mom built her snow sculpture of the year - this caterpillar. I did help with some of the sticks :-p.

What else? Toys, toys and more toys :-D.

Got this laptop as a birthday gift from a friend and I love it. I love irritating mom with its sounds obviously :-p. Then there are the Lego blocks. I am always creating new architectures, but mom and dad always want me to clean up later. How am I supposed to be the next big architect then? :-p.

I have a set of vehicles which I usually take all around the house and "park" them. The parking lots can be anywhere from next to a door to under a chair. And no, I don't want to park them in the toy box, thank you very much :-p.

I also got a play dough set which mom doesn't really let me use when she isn't around - you know her reasons why :-p. We made these turtles the other day..

Last but not the least are the wooden puzzles mom got me. I cannot do this on my own (I hate to admit this but have to tell the truth sometimes ;-) :-D), so mom has to help me leaving all her work whenever I order her to :). And I usually say "Ta-Da" when I finish one :).

Thats it for the new toys. I promised you Snugster's laws, didn't I? So here goes -

1) I only operate on bribes or threats - so if you expect me to listen, then be ready with either. I prefer bribes btw :-D. For eg the days I eat on my own, I get a sticker. And the days I don't listen, I get threatened with everything from "no going out" to "giving away toys". But these people aren't very great at implementing threats :-p.
2) When I am talking, everyone else should be silent. If anyone tries to interrupt, then I have the right of saying "Shshshshshsh", "Silence" or "Don't talk back!" to anyone :-p.
3) All matters are important to me - so all words should be spoken clearly. If not I can ask questions anytime.
4) Actually, I get to ask any questions anytime anywhere :-p.
5) If anyone doesn't know how to play with any of my toys, they are to consult me and no one else :-D.
6) If I order someone to sing songs (yeah I'm looking at you mom), they should comply immediately - especially when they are bothering me by combing my hair. BTW here's a hair joke from my household -

Dad: "If you don't wear your hair in a pony tail, you won't be going out with us!"
Me: "But dad, you are not wearing one either"..
Hehehee :)).

Had enough of the laws? Ok gotta go now. Why am I feeling like I'm forgetting something? Oh right! I am going to be a big sister soon! I don't really know what that means, but mom keeps telling me that there's a little baby inside her stomach and the baby will come to our house by May 30th. I have generously offered to share my old rattles and other baby toys with the baby, but I can't promise anything else :-p. Mom will tell you more stories about me and my questions about the new baby soon. Bye bye and hearty congrats to mom and dad :).


jyothi retorted...

Congrats Deepthi.I am one of your readers commenting on and off..very happy for you ..god bless and BTW B or G ?

Ashwini retorted...

Congrats Deepthi!!

Sweet Nothings retorted...

Hahaha that's a cute update on Snugli.She for sure is going to be a great big sister.
Wishing you all the best.

BZ retorted...
This comment has been removed by the author.

SK retorted...

Snugster looks sooooo cute! And grown up! :--)
And congrats! We are very close in due dates :--))

Timepass retorted...

Since Snugster is going to become a big sister, Hi Snugster..congrats on becoming an akka!

P.S congrats to you both too...