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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I did not know that about actors..

The next post in my "I did not know that" series.

With internet so easily accessible these days, I have a habit (don't know whether its bad or good) of surfing IMDB whenever I watch a movie. I am a self-confessed over-thinking, over-analyzing person, so whenever I see a movie I like to find out what other people think of it, whether their views match mine etc. But this advantage I have of finding out more information about the movies/actors I have really liked has brought out quite a few surprises for me :).

For example, when I watched "The Matrix" for the first time, I recognized the actor who played "Agent Smith" immediately - I had seen him as the character "Douglas Jardine" in a cricket-based mini series called "Bodyline" and really admired his work in it. But I didn't know his name, at all. Even after 2 other sequels of matrix (which I watched in India before coming here) and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I never even found out his name, the poor guy. Some months ago, Darsh and I were discussing the voices we love in English cinema (For eg, Morgan Freeman). I said I loved Alan Rickman's voice (the man who plays Snape in the Harry Potter series) and Darsh was talking about Hugo Weaving (who played a voice character in "V for Vendetta", I haven't watched that one btw). I literally asked him "Who the heck is Hugo Weaving?" and he was baffled to say the least. He was like "You say you love Douglas Jardine and Agent Smith and you don't know who Hugo Weaving is??". I was stunned to learn the name behind some of my most beloved characters, hehehee :).

This was not the first time that such a thing happened to me. The 2nd example is when I watched "The Sound of Music", I knew the actress was Julie Andrews, but didn't know the name of the actor who played Captain Von Trapp. I didn't really bother finding out then or remember it whenever I watched the movie on TV. About 2 years back, when I watched "Inside man" (a brilliant movie btw, if you haven't watched it yet) and was "researching" it on the internet, I ran across the character - Arthur case who was played by Christopher Plummer and didn't even recognize the actor who actually played Captain Von Trapp all those years ago! Imagine my surprise when I learned that he has been in many of my other favourite movies :).

The 3rd instance happened just a couple of days ago. I watched a crappy movie called "Dracula 2000" a long time ago on cable when I was still in India. Seeing how attractive the actor who played Dracula was, I was telling my friends that if this is how the real Dracula looks like, then I wouldn't really mind being bitten by him :-D. My friends can vouch for that, hehehee :))). As usual, never found out his name. A couple of days ago, I had just seen a movie of Gerard Butler, who, I have to confess, I really find quite attractive and was looking at his profile in IMDB. I was shocked to find out that he played the Dracula in the movie I watched, but it did bring a huggggggggge grin on my face :). Looks like my tastes haven't changed one bit :-D. Further, in that movie, Christopher Plummer also played one of the main characters!

To be honest, I don't mind such discoveries. Its nice to get these kind of surprises once in a while and think about, how come I never bothered finding out this before :). Which is the reason I started the series anyways ;-).


Soumya retorted...

Exact same experience with Christopher Plummer.. I have the same habit (which amuses Raghu to no end) of checking on IMDB about the movies we watch..

Deeps retorted...

Glad I'm not the only "nutcase" around, hehehee :-D.