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Friday, July 09, 2010

Snugli story-time :).

I don't even know where to start when it comes to Snugli these days. There are so many things happening each day that its quite hard to keep track of them :-D. And whats amazing is her ability to generate so many emotions in me. Sometimes she makes me angry, other times laugh, yet other times literally makes my mouth hang open in surprise. Its fascinating that such a little person can do so much :-D. We haven't yet decided anything about her playschool, but hopefully will finalize something soon :). Now onto the stories.


Her questions are getting more and more atrocious these days. I know I have to grateful that they haven't crossed certain "boundaries" yet :-D, but sometimes its hard not to get frustrated at all the whys. This conversation happened after one of our video calls to my parents:

Me: "Ammamma Ajjange bye hELu" ("Say bye to Ammamma and Ajja")
Her: "Yaake?" ("Why?")
Me: "Avaru malgbekalwa adhikke" ("Because they have to go sleep")
Her: "Yaake?" ("Why?")
Me: "Avarige susthaaithalla adhikke" ("because they are tired")
Her: "Yaake?" ("Why?")
Me: "Avaru dina idi kelsa maadidranthe adhikke" ("Because they have been working the entire day")
Her: "Okay bye, See you next time, Good night, Sweet dreams"

Madam just doesn't stop her "why"s until she's fully satisfied with the answers :-D.


One of the regular (I mean regular as in daily :-p) things she does is ask who gave that particular clothing item whenever she changes into any dress ("Idu Yaaru kottiddu?" It can be pretty frustrating for me since I have bought 90% of her clothes :-\). One day just before bath (thats when I pick out a dress for her) she comes and declares that she wants to wear a dress given by her Naanamma (Sri's mom). Since both her ammamma as well as her naanamma are fond of pampering her with clothes (to say the least :-D), I didn't know which dress she was talking about. So I started to point to dresses asking her whether it was the one. After a few items, she gets frustrated and tells me "No, Nannamma kottiddu red dress!!" ("The red dress that naanamma gave!!"). Well, thankfully there was only one red dress that she gave :-D.


One fine day, I discovered that her baby lotion bottle was empty. Since its a daily ritual after her bath, she missed it and prompted me "Baby lotion! Baby lotion!". I told her that the bottle was empty and the next time we went to the store I'd buy some :).

Cut to a couple of days later. I was talking to Sri over phone, telling him to get a couple of groceries from the store on his way home from office. And Snugli literally shouts at me "Baby lotion, baby lotion!" and in many words tells me that I need to ask her dad to get it from the store :-\.

And this hasn't been a one-time story. One day I took Snugli shopping and she kept reminding me about baby carrots, buttermilk etc at each appropriate section. Sri keeps telling me that I don't need to write a grocery list anymore, hehehee :)).


The next one happened when we were getting back from our trip to Milwaukee. Whenever we go anywhere, she has one standard question "Next elli hOgONa?" ("Where are we going next?"). So we told her that we were heading home to Lexington. Her reply?

"Illa. Beda. Restaurant hOgi mammu thindu hotel room ge hOgONa" ("No, no. We'll go to restaurant, have some food and then go to the hotel room")

Guess she really loved jumping on the bed and handling the remote in the hotel rooms :-D.


After coming back, the very next day I returned to our normal routine of taking her to the library. While coming back, I took a different road back home than the one she is used to on a regular basis. I think you can guess her reaction..

"Elli hogtha iddiya? Lexington, Kentucky hOgONa, manege hOgONa!" (Where are you going? Lets go to Lexington, Kentucky, lets go home!")

I was dumbstruck! I had to struggle to convince her that we were going home albeit on a different road ;-). As you can see right now she can't see the difference between the town and home. For her, her home is in Lexington, so they are equivalent :).


The very same day early morning I was a bit hassled and in a bit of a rush. So when she tried to stress her independence by grabbing onto the soap/lotion etc, I tried to convince her by saying "Ninge adu kotre late aaguththe. Ammange innu tumba kelsa ide kanda - innu ninna ready maadbeku. Amma ready aagbeku. Library hogbeku...." ("If I give you that, we'll get late. Amma still has so much work baby - I've to get you ready. Amma has to get ready. We have to go to the library...") and so on. Guess what she tells me once we get back from the library..

"Amma bega! Snigdha ge tumba kelsa ide - Innu dudhdhu kudibeku, Mickey mouse nodbeku.." ("Mom, hurry! Snigdha still has so much work - I've to drink milk, then see Mickey mouse.." and so on!

God save me! Hehehehee :)).


Just yesterday (I don't really remember the context now), I was telling her how she was a big Somberi (lazy bum) and she corrects me saying "Illa. Snigdha small somberi. Amma naana big somberi" ("No, Snigdha is a small lazy bum. Mom and dad are big lazy bums" :-D.

True that, hehehehe :)).


Her memory is growing by leaps and bounds. She has these flashes of memories - suddenly she remembers how she went on a scooter ride with my dad (during our India trip) or on a bike ride with Darsh. Yesterday evening she was narrating how she went to a boy's birthday (remembered his name too) and how she played with his elder sister there (remembered her name too!) and how they ate baby carrots and noodles together. All true :). But the birthday happened more than 4 months ago!


Today morning I was in the kitchen when Sri started to leave through the front door. She tells him "Bye naana. Hogbeda. Innu Amma bye heLbeku" ("Bye dad. Don't go yet. Mom hasn't said goodbye to you").

I just don't know what to say anymore, hehehee :)).


This happened after I posted - decided to add it here today itself than note it for another post. Yet another thing she is aware of these days is that I switch on a shower cleaner after both our baths. She never fails to remind me of it every day. Today was no exception. The conversation went like this:

Her: "Shower cleaner, shower cleaner!"
Me: "Ivaththu beda kanda" ("Not today baby")
Her: "Amma snaana aada mele shower cleaner" ("After mom's bath, shower cleaner")
Me: "Amma snaana beLiggene aaithu baby" ("Mom's bath was done in the morning baby")
Her: "Amma batte neeru biddu galeeju, adhikke snaana maadbeku" ("Mom's clothes are wet and hence dirty, so mom has to take bath")

Not to mention that my clothes were half-drenched due to her bath :-D.


Last story of the day. Snugli is very fond of typing on the keyboard. And we are not at all fond of it :-D. Just yesterday somehow she managed to manipulate the PC into shutting down! So the rule in the house is that if she touches the keyboard, she gets a rap on the bum from a paddle bat (before anyone gets all riled up, its a very cheap and delicate bat and believe me when I say it hurts zilch :-p). And usually as soon as we get up from the PC chair she's on it. Again today was the same. I got up and she went to the PC chair. Sri called out to her "Paddle bat beka?" ("Shall I get the paddle bat?"). She says "Illa beda. Naanu muttilla innu" ("No Don't. I haven't touched it yet") :-D.

God help Sri and I :-D.


There are so many such stories happening that I usually have to make a note of it to remind myself about it later :-D. More stories will be up as they happen :-D.


SK retorted...

Tooootaaally super cute.

Sweet Nothings retorted...

Oh God! the post made me smile all along:-)) She is such a smart kid and I especially loved the part where she says - "no home..let's go to restaurant and hotel":-)
Very cute:-)

Srivalli retorted...

A very nice one.I loved the lets go to restaurant and the one where she said she has lot of work to do..

Deeps retorted...


Thanks :). I added a couple more after you left the comment ;-).


Hehehehe. I'm sure Sritha must be eating your head like this as well :-D.


Thanks, those 2 are my favourites too :).

veenu retorted...

Even my son thinks the same as yours...only Home is Bangalore for him and any other place in Blr is assumed to be on a different planet. Anyway enjoyed reading the dialogues between you and Snugli and the english translation helped me to learn Kannada..which i know solpa solpa...again you r rocking...

Deeps retorted...


I think all the 2.5 years old are mostly the same :-D. Thats why us parents can relate to each other so much :-D, hehehee :)).

wise donkey retorted...

sooooooo cute:)
the shopping amazing!!
somberi & keyboard hilarious
one hand typing due to kid..:d so not more:)

Deeps retorted...


Hehehehehe, looks like Sid is keeping you on your toes, err, fingers :-D.

Enigma retorted...

awww cute :)