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Sunday, June 20, 2010

On the wings of time..

I know its been a long time since my last post. Most of these days, time feels like a whirlwind, it goes so fast that I keep wondering what is happening to it. Actually thats not true, I do know how its going, but somehow get surprised every time that okay another week is over and I didn't do all that I wanted to do! I do have many thoughts to jot out and a huggggggggggge travel post coming up, but sometimes I wonder, is anyone even reading my blog? I know my family does and my close friends do, but I hardly get any comments (even if I do, I hardly respond :-p) and sometimes, only a few times mind you, I feel, why the heck am I even putting the effort? But I do know the answer to that. I write for myself, but even typing seems like a chore these days :-\. And the ramblings go on..

Forget that and lets get on with the updates that I have..

1) As I mentioned earlier, we went to California for a 5-day trip about a week back and had a pretty-wonderful-time-except-for-a-few-things :-D, so I'll be writing about it soon.

2) As for how the time goes, I am hopelessly addicted to Survivor (and Jeff Probst ;-) :-D) these days, so am watching the older seasons on a continuous marathon in the afternoons (about 15 seasons done, 5 more to go :-D). Plus have been reading up on Photography, Astronomy and Astrophotography, so lot of things going on in my head. Yeah, that reminds me, have to put up a post on each of those :-p, atleast something on photography which is still going on in full josh mode :-D (lots of experimenting and lot of success :-D) . So, my morning is gone in cooking and some days, taking Snugli to the library and my afternoons vanish in reading or Survivor ;-).

3) As for evenings, I go swimming twice a week, actually thrice including the one time we take Snugli swimming (yup, another post due). I took some lessons last November, re-learned a few things and learned a few new styles. Basically having a lot of fun :)). There is also my gardening which is going great (which means one more post), my gladioli are back and I have new Dahlia flowers coming up. I plan to plant some chrysanthemums soon, so have lots of work there. Flower photography is blooming to say the least ;-).

4) Have to mention the nights, don't I? ;-) :-D. Since about a week, have been trying to catch a glimpse of Comet McNaught (it appears only sometime pre-dawn, so got up 2 nights for that :-\). Its still not really visible to the naked eye, but I thought maybe my camera can "see" it. Well, I have been disappointed so far, but it is supposed to brighten up next week, only to fall below the horizon. Lets see if I can catch it before it falls :).

5) And then there is Snugli. She is fully into her terrible twos and believe me, they are as terrible as they can get! Since she's literally driving me up the walls (Oh God, I have so many posts!) and school doesn't start here until she's 4 years old (I think or maybe its 5), I have started to look for a daycare/pre-school for her (there are waiting lists for the damn things :-p). I don't really plan to send her for the entire day, but I need a break for atleast half-a-day, thrice a week. Right now still looking into it, hopefully something will be finalized by month end..

6) Also wanted to add that we saw Toy Story 3 yesterday and its awesome, awesome, awesome. Especially the last part about growing up and moving on brought tears to my eyes, reminding me so much of my past (our connection with our childhoods never goes away) and making me think about the future when our little ones will fly the nest :(. I think all the women were crying (I noticed atleast 2 other women, we sniffed and then grinned at each other, hehehe). Please don't miss it and if you haven't seen 1 or 2, then there is no better time than now ;-).

As you can see, things haven't been "boring" in the Deeps household :))). I really wish for the 100th time that I had a mind reader which would jot down posts for me. Is somebody listening?? Oh well, I'm here, I am writing, I am living life as I want it and thats all that counts..


veenu retorted...

Deeps,I am a Keralite settled in Bangalore now and lived in the US for about an year and also delivered my son with dreams of long time stay (around 5-6 yrs)there but alas due to family problems relocated back to India I accidentally came upon blog some one year back and since then i am silent reader of it and admire and enjoy our household and Snugli activities like me own but a bit lazy to leave a comment....So dont worry, For sure, there are many silent reading your blogs and enjoying the fun and intellectual news your blog provides...and we all like the way you elaborate and explain everything...hats off to you. Love Veena

Timepass retorted...

You decide under which category i come? silent/often commenting? whatever category, I love the way u write posts in detail..

Kavitha retorted...

I love the way you write too, I am a silent reader and found your blog when you were pregnant with Snugli - I was pregnant with my little one too at the time and we had our girls at the same time.

Don't stop writing :)

Deeps retorted...

Thanks all for your encouragement, I feel lots better already :).


Thanks and it means a lot :). I do know that there are many coming back, but just sometimes I would like a bit of reassurance ;-) :).


Thanks yaar, I know you are here often. Us mommies have so much to do that dropping a line also seems like a task :-D.


Thanks and good to know about your little girl. I'm sure she is as troublesome these days as Snugli is (God save us :-D).

Iksha retorted...

Here is another silent reader. I enjoy reading your posts during my office lunch hour. So I read few nice blogs like yours quickly and get back to work. Sorry for not leaving a comment. But keep the posts coming. I was in the US for 5 years and enjoy reading ur travelogs too :)

Sweet Nothings retorted...

Look..u woke up all the silent apart I love the way u write Deeps and often check for the updates and when I don't see one, I am like what's wrong?:-)You have come a long way and am sure when you look back after several years and when Snugli gets to read these ones I am sure all the effort you have put in this blog is so so worth it.That said I am here often and how I wish I have your dedication and determination to keep blogging.You rock girl!

Deeps retorted...


Thanks :), since you were in the US, I am gueesing many things in my posts must be resonating with you :).


Yeah, they do seem to be coming out of the woodworks eh? Hehehee :)). I know you are here from time to time :). I hope Snugli will enjoy them later, but I'm sure with my luck she'll say "Mooooooooom, you have wrecked my life, every one in my class know about your blog and laugh at me" or something similar ;-) :-D.

WordPower retorted...

I take time to say something esp. when there aren't any comments! You never replied! :)

Deeps retorted...


I know you do. I was referring to you when I said "I hardly respond". You are more than regular and I'll make sure I respond to you from now on :-D.

Sachin retorted...

I always read your posts. Just lazzzy to comment..

Keep up the good work :)