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Sunday, November 08, 2009

The shot..

Yesterday we got all of our H1N1 shots done :)). Snugli's doctors had gotten only a few quantities and there was a registration process associated. We did send in the forms, but were informed that we better not wait and go in for the public clinics organized by the health department. And the extra advantage would be that even Sri and me would be able to get the shots if we went in to the clinic. We found that one was being held yesterday at a nearby high school and decided to be done with it. Sri read that usually for such clinics, there will huggggggggge queues, so we thought we'll head out as early as possible for the 9 AM clinic.

Its another story that we reached there only by 8:30 AM. We were outside the building only for about 10 minutes, but the queue inside was still pretty long. It was our first visit to a school here and it was nice to see the campus from inside. We were there till about 10:10 AM when we reached the nurses who were giving the shots (so the wait wasn't as bad as we had anticipated). Snugli was her usual self when she got the injection (cried for a few moments and then forgot all about it). For adults we had 2 options, a nasal mist with live virus and the usual injection with dead virus. Sri took the nasal spray and I went in for the injection. And that was that :). Snugli really enjoyed seeing other kids screaming when they were given shots, hehehee :-D (One little boy screamed and screamed and twisted and all that - I'm already dreading what'll happen once Snugli becomes aware of the whole injection concept :-D).

I was very much impressed with the way everything was organized. The lines were perfect, only wish they had some seating system since there were kids and old people there, but I guess chairs would have only made it more crowded. Even the volunteers were very helpful, giving info whenever we asked for anything. In addition, Sri and Snugli didn't suffer any side effects and everything is fine as per now. I did have some headache all day yesterday and still have an arm ache, but it should be fine soon :). We have to go and get a second shot for Snugli after a month (children younger than 6 years have to get a double doze to boost their immunity), so depending on her doctors, we'll have to see where we get it done..


Sid retorted...

So you are all H1N1 resistant then. That's pretty cool. Now travel, sneeze, catch a cold, you're never gonna get H1N1 :)

Deeps retorted...

Well, we have tried our best and hopeful no swine is going to get us ;-) :-D.

Soumya retorted...

Good you got this out of the way. Now you are set for your India trip.