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Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Oh Oh its magic!

No, I am still not home. This is just another post I wanted to be done with before we came home (so pre-publishing again)..

Firstly, I'm absolutely loving on iPhone. Yeah, yeah I have an iPhone. We got it on our anniversary this year. Officially its supposed to belong to both of us - me and Sri. But unofficially its all minnnnnnnnnnnnnne, my preccccciousssss >:-)). Hehehehe :)). But this post is not really about iPhone, its more about Raaga as such. They have a load of Indian songs which can actually play on the iPhone and thats a feat I tell you :-p. None of the sites playing Indian songs offer that (because of the stupid Safari and quick-time playing they have to do). I wish Kannada Audio would come up with something similar, for I do love the devotional and bhaavageethe songs there.

Anyways, Raaga still doesn't have the entire list of movies indexed for iPhone yet, but they have a set of beautiful compilations that fulfill all my criteria :). I have been wanting to burn CDs of Kishore and Rafi for the car to listen to when we are driving and have been putting it off time and again :-p. Now I have Kishore, Latha, Ashaand if not Rafi exactly, a Shammi Kapoor compilation in my palm!! And I've seen pretty good streaming speeds even when the iPhone is not on Wi-fi and is on 3G. I'm hoping I get to select and listen to whatever I want pretty soon :).

What brought up this post was that I was listening to the Shammi Kapoor compilation on Friday morning and came across one of my favourite songs - "Is Rang Badalti duniya mein" from the movie Rajkumar. Very few songs have everything working for them and this is one of them, it has the voice (Rafi ofcourse), the music and the lyrics. And boy, thats pure magic :)). I didn't want to put the video, because Shammi Kapoor's antics take something away from the song, to say the least :-p. So, here's the audio (a better version is in Raaga)..

Is Rang Badalti Du...

I especially love this part -

Kashti ko sambhaalo maujon se
Toofaan ki neeyath teek nahin..

and this -

Chup jao humaari aankhon mein
Bhagwaan ki neeyath teek nahin..

Love the way Rafi croons "Toofaan" and "teek". Sigh!


Phalguni A.V retorted...

hey Deepthi, This is my all time favourite rafi song!! Another song that i listen to most.. (rafi-shammi combo) is from Teesri manzil movie .. "Tum ne mujhe dekha hokar meherba" . Rafi was the whole and sole voice for Shammi!! Heavenly!!

wise donkey retorted...

snugli is soooooooooooooo cute !

have a lot to catch up..

Deeps retorted...


My all-time favourite is definitely "Pukaartha chala hu main", its the ultimate in romance :-D. But Biswajith was as bad as Shammi ;-).


Good to see you back :)). You certainly do have a lot to catch up on. I'll ping you on your blog ;-).

wise donkey retorted...

hi whats the link of ur cockroach poem:)