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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Then and Now..

Sssssssssssssshhhhhhhh!! Mom is busy as usual, so I've sneaked into her blog again. Snugster is baaaaaaaaaaaaack!! Before mom checks in on me, let me tell you what I've been doing all this while. I am a busy baby, you see :-p.

I am a fast-learner. Don't believe me? First I used to lie down..

Then I learnt to roll onto my stomach..

It was difficult for me, but after lots of hesitation, I learnt to rollback to my back ;-).

At first everybody would prop me up with support for me to sit..

But I decided I needed no help, so first got on my knees..

Then sat all by myself..

Hehehehe!! Take that people!!

But still they wouldn't understand, they'd hold and support me to stand..

Enough was enough! So I got on entirely to my knees..

And decided to support myself!!

Don't tell mom, but now I am planning to walk, sneak up behind her and surprise her soon ;-) :-D.

Meanwhile lets talk about my food habits. Earlier, I used to have my cereal in mom's lap..

or dad would feed me on my pillow..

Now I have my own chair to sit and eat in..

Pretty cool huh?

So here I am :).

Oh oh, here comes mom. See ya!


Thanu retorted...

She looks so much like u..... very adorable, kitna jaldi time jata hai na....

Soumya retorted...

She's so sweet kane..Super photos! It is so nice to see the different stages.. Time really flies..

Manasa retorted...

so sweet...

Deeps retorted...


People have differing opinions on that one. Some people say she looks like Sri and others say she looks like me. I'm really bad at that, so I can't really make out ;-).


Tell me about it. She's 10 months already, 10 months!!


Thanks :).

on9thcloud retorted...

Lovely pics ! She is 10 months already :-).She looks adorable.

Akshatha retorted...

Your daughter is so cute and adorable. I loved the name you kept for your baby.

Deeps retorted...


Hehehehe :). You surely know what I mean :).


Thanks :).

Usha retorted...

Allo snugli, lovely to see your pics. Am I right to say that you look a lot like your mom? Check with mom and see how happy she is?

Ranjani retorted...

I have been visiting your blog for quite a while now and really love reading it. Your daughter is really cute! I stumbled upon your blog when I visited vanditha's blog. Can I have your email ID?