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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Doll attack!

Snugster here. Mom's in the kitchen, so this is a good time as any to wreck her blog :-D. This happened when I was 5 months old, thats, err how many months ago? How am I supposed to calculate, I haven't learnt any maths till now :-p. Anyways, this is a story of bravery, strength and daring. This is a story of how I saved my family from a life of terror. This is a story of how I fended off a doll attack.

It all started suddenly (well, it also ended suddenly, but thats coming later :-p). I was lying down minding my business when it suddenly came next to me. At first it was just lying there, not doing anything...

Then suddenly it moved..

I was petrified, but before I could do anything it attacked me!

Gathering all my strength I bit it, scratched it, fought it and defeated it..

But sadly, my family never knew how I saved them..

Sigh :-\. The things a baby has to do..

Ok I'll scoot now, Toodlooo :)).


Soumya retorted...

Hey! Great job baby! Good to see you here. You are pretty brave to have fought away the doll all by yourself.
Your mom & papa don't appreciate enough your heroic deeds. Don't worry, you've aunts to do that.
Way to go super baby!
Tata...See you soon..

Archana retorted...

I bow to thee, O Brave Snugli!

Manasa retorted...

I wanna play with you lil doll :)