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Thursday, July 24, 2008

On the cutting edge..

The relationship has always had its ups and downs, its lefts and rights. After all, it has been a really long relationship. It has not always been all hunky and dory, but many a days, it has certainly been a pleasure to the heart and a comfort to the soul. There have been some days where I can proudly say that I have fought for this to work.

Usually most relationships undergo changes as the years progress. But this particular one hasn't had any changes at all for more than 8 years now. 8 years back, it underwent a major makeover to my complete satisfaction. But since then, I have been happy to let it be and let it flourish. It has been going on and on and I wasn't really keen on making any changes at all. Maybe I was comfortable with the whole thing, maybe I had gotten used to the monotony of it all. Maybe I was too lazy to do anything about it, or maybe I was afraid that things may not remain the same.

But recently I decided it had gone far enough the way it was. I couldn't go on like this. It was getting difficult to maintain the the basic foundation for the relationship. And when the foundation flounders, where does it stand a chance? To put it plainly, the relationship simply lacked the lustre it had before. So I wanted to take a risk and deliberately bring in a change again. And now I am really glad I did it. Since the change, everything looks marvellous and it has been making waves :).

Still wondering what the heck I'm talking about? Scroll down to see...

..a bit down..

..almost there..


Well, the "NOW" is not exactly now, but 2 months ago. I got it cut again a week back :-D.


Altoid retorted...

:). Good one. You had me guessing till the end.

That said, so much of load shedding??? Its a lot! But I am sure its much more manageable now :).

Enjoy maadi.

Sonia retorted...

wow..tht was a lovely lock of hair..:-)..but I am sure with the 'strained'relationship things are much easier..! by the way, I was wondering what happened...been checking for posts for a long time..:-)..guess snugster is keeping u very busy..would love to hear snugster updates!

Vanditha retorted...

fantastic post.

~nm retorted...

Ohh! How much it would have hurt to cut hose long tresses so short! It hurts me every time I repeat this once in 2 years! A month ago I also cut my hip long hair into mid back level! Almost like yours :D

bincy retorted...

Did u donate it?

Deeps retorted...

Bincy, I wanted to donate it. But later I gave it to an aunt of mine who has a beauty parlour so that she can use it for extensions/buns :).