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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goals!

Nope I'm not reviewing any movies here :-D. In fact this is yet another tag. This time I have been tagged by Sumana to list my goals for the next decade :). I feel like I'm back in a "Personality development" class again which I had attended in engineering college before the campus recruitments :-D. Then one of my standard dialogues was "I want to become a manager by the time I'm 30 years old" :-D.

I want to do many things, but realistically speaking here's what I want to achieve in 10 years:

  • I want to become a manager by the time I'm 30 years old. Hehehee. Actually I hope to get back to my career again. I have always admired my mom for juggling her family and career so well and would really like to have that in my life. Money is not really the constraint, but the satisfaction of working is something else. Gosh, I sound like a "Miss India" contestant :-D.

  • I want to finish GMAT in the next year (yup, despite my boasts after TOEFL, I never finished it. Can't really quote pregnancy as a reason, laziness was more like it ;-) :-D) and finally do that MBA I have been aiming to for quite some time.

  • I want to have another baby :-D. Yeah, yeah I cribbed and complained and I keep having second thoughts very frequently about this, but I think every child should have a sibling to grow up with, to fight with and to be friends with :). And though I hate to admit it, it'd be nice to experience the whole pregnancy thing all over again (I'm still not so sure about the motherhood thing :-D).

  • I want to move back to India. I don't know whether we actually will. But I want to, oh so much. I'd like my kids to grow up there, visiting grandparents whenever they want and be involved in all functions and festivals with all sorts of relatives. I want them to have the kind of childhood that I had. Maybe thats kinda selfish of me, but well, thats what I want. Probably the real reason is that I want to be able to visit mom and dad whenever I want ;-).

  • Well, before we do move, I want to finish travelling all over the west caost of USA. I have seen most of the east coast. Don't know whether I'll be able to trek in the Grand Canyon or roam around day and night in Las Vegas with Snuggles around, but would want to anyways :). I would also like to travel to Europe and Australia within 10 years, and hope I'll be able to.

  • I would like to resume learning carnatic music. I left it when I got married, never got a chance to resume it as we moved to US. People here have been pointing me towards a person, so hope to get in touch with her soon (don't really know when what with Snuggles around). Also would like to learn tango, but well that seems like a dream as of now :-D.

  • Personally, would like to become more stable emotionally. I am quite easily driven to tears, haven't quite figured out why (perhaps the harmones are to blame :-D). Have to develop a thicker skin ;-). And I have to stop getting frustrated so easily and become more patient. Seems impossible, doesn't it? :-D.

  • Last but not least, I want to continue writing this blog of mine. After 10 years, I want it to be going strong. Hopefully you'll get a post on what all I've accomplished in this list ;-).


Altoid retorted...

Gosh, you make writing this tag sound so easy :P. I huffed and puffed coming up with 10 of these ;).

I want to say, becoming emotionally stable just comes with age. So just wish to grow older, and you have your goal. hehe.


Sumana retorted...

Well i think i have had the same aims or goals at some point in life. But you have organised it well enough. Nice to keep the blogging on.

SK retorted...

I love your posts, so full of zest for life. :--)
Hope you continue blogging, inspite of all the things happening in your life. Thats a selfish me speaking.

Orchid retorted...

very doable! and don't you for a second doubt yourself but seriously..I admire you for talking about a second baby when the first one is what a month old..i mean mine is 4 1/2 and i still dare not talk about a second one!

Archana retorted...


Very nice blog..keep it going.:)
All the best.