Like Duck to Water, thats how I have taken to life :). This blog is the saga of love and adventures of a small duck in a large water body called LIFE....

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

If I were not Deepthi...

If I were not Deepthi, then certainly there wouldn't have been this blog :-p. Tagged by Orchid :).

If I were an animal/ bird:

I think (hope) that I'd have been a lioness. I'd be tame as a house-cat when my stomach's full, but when I'm hungry, would bite the arm off of anyone who'd come near me ;-). If I was a bird, I'd certainly have been a peahen. Its nice to have the males really handsome and dancing to your whims and fancies ;-).

If I were a vehicle:

I think I'd be a Kinetic Honda. Sneaking in and out of tight spaces and situations, I am easy to manipulate ;-). Not to mention, a bit heavy to handle :-\.

If I were a city:

Have to say Bangalore for this. A place that anyone can adapt easily to. A place that accepts everyone, does not differentiate. Friendly and infinitely adjustable :).

If I were an art form:

I would be any melodious song (I consider music as art). I am generally able to charm my way into everybody's hearts :). Sometimes I can be very soothing, at other times make you want to dance :-D.

If I were a color:

I'd be shades of white and black. My happiness and sadness are extremes, so when I'm sad, I'm entirely black. When I'm happy, there's no limit to my joy.

If I were a film star:

I would be Kajol. I am usually the fun sorts, but when it comes to family, I'd give up everything :).

If I were a vegetable:

I think I'd be a tomato. I'm obviously plump ;-). I am unpredictable. Though most of the times I'm sweet, I can suddenly be very sour too. But I'm always fresh and fun :).

If I were a fabric:

I would be velvet. There is a smooth and a rough edge to me. I can be soft, but sometimes I can be very scathing too ;-).

If I were a flower:

I hope I am a rose. I can be passionate about certain things, I'm friendly always, I'm usually liked and seldom ignored :-D.

If I were a perfume:

I don't really like perfumes, but if I were a perfume, I'd be something very light and lingering. I am not very easy to forget at all :).

If I were a gizmo:

I would certainly be a computer - no one but my creator understands my internal logic and even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later review (stole this from one of the usual forwards comparing computer to a woman ;-) :-D).

If I were to tag:

I would tag Thanu and Preeti. If you have aleady completed the tag, nothing better :-D.


mommyof2 retorted...

nicely done tag:-) you are alot like me..:-)

Orchid retorted...

good job really, very well drawn comparisons. I enjoyed how you drew out characters in each category and applied that very aptly to yourslef..hope yo enjoyed doing it :0

Deeps retorted...

Mommyof2, thank you :).

Orchid, well, when I first saw the tag, I was worried. Didn't really know what to write. But as I started writing, it all flowed pretty smoothly :).

srinivas retorted...

very nice imagination. you have made parakaaya pravesha into so many lives.

still i feel you should be deepthi only. lest we would have missed good friend. :)

The Smiling Girl retorted...

Hey, I like this tag re.. Me taking this up!
Will update you soon when I wud've done it ! :)

Deeps retorted...

Srinivas sir, hehehe. Parakaaya pravesha is apt :-D.

Preeti, cool :). Would love to see "what" you'll be.