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Monday, November 13, 2006

Constant change ;-)

2 years? 2 years. 2 years! 2 years!!

Its been 2 years since the day Sri and I met. Life couldn't be any better, touchwood :). I know I have said it before, but my god! I still cannot believe all this is happening to me. Sometimes life feels like a sweet dream ;-).

They say change is the only constant thing. In 2 years, I've changed a lot. I have talked previously about changes like cooking, working from home, but thats not what I want to write about today. Its about how my attitude has changed from where I was before I met Sri and now :).

Before I met him, I didn't really trust my judgement. There were too many "what if"s and I didn't really know how or whether I'd find my "Mr.Right".Now I know my judgement is excellant :-D.
Before I met him, I thought a couple could understand each other without words. The spoken word was negligible.Now I know thats not so. Communication is the foundation of a relationship. If there's no talk, then there are so many possibilities for multiple misunderstandings. Telepathy just doesn't work ;-).
Before I met him, I wasn't very career-oriented as such, but was determined to be financially independent.Now, I don't mind leaving my job as such, not that I'd leave it. But am not hung up on my job as I earlier used to be.
Before I met him, I didn't really think leaving Bangalore (staying very far away from my parents) was a possibility. I thought I was prepared for such a scenario, but I really wasn't.Now, not only have I left what I ever knew as home, I have gotten adjusted to living in a country with very obviously a different life-style altogether. I now know that though living away from everyone is sad sometimes, it has actually helped us grow closer together, made our bond stronger.
And lastly, before I met him, I thought I knew what love was. I thought I knew how a marriage worked.Now I know its nothing like I ever imagined. Its even better ;-) :-D.

And this is only the beginning ;-) :-D.

Listening to: "Ek Din Aap Yoon" from "Yes Boss".

Ek din aap yoon humko miljayenge
Phool hi phool raahon me khiljaayenge
Mene socha na tha..

Ek din zindagi itni hogi haseen
Jhumega aasmaan gaayegi yeh zameen
Mene socha na tha..


Thanu retorted...

Congratulation on the 2 yr anniversary. Marriage changes ppl a lot, I for one have become a lot responsible.

Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

Sigh *Floating away* . Congrats !

Deeps retorted...

Thanu, I guess marriage and responsibility do go hand-in-hand :). I became lots more responsible too :).

Harish, hehehe, yup on cloud no.9 :).

maavinayanasa retorted...

congratulations on the occasion of second meeting anniversary. after some years, if you look back, the path which you travelled seems more interesting.

i pray the almighty to give you both a strong will power to receive all good and bad in equal spirit. please convey my best wishes to sri.

see my experience made me to think life as sui generic .

once more wish you happiest times ahead.

Soumya retorted...

Congratulations!! Here's to many more such anniversaries...
Kya yehi pyar hai?!! I wonder...

Deeps retorted...

Srinivasravare, thanks. Yeah, its fun to relive some memories..

Soum, Thanku thanku thanku :).

wise donkey retorted...

congrats and best wishes deeps:)

and most of the things, u wrote applied to me too:)

wise donkey retorted...

and funnily even i sing the same song, many times:)

The Smiling Girl retorted...

Can relate to what you have to say! (more so on this day!)

But then, love works without words also.. I believe so.. :)

priya retorted...

Just awesome and so different. Never read anything before in blogs and glad you wrote it . Best wishes..

Deeps retorted...

Gaya, I really do like the song :).

Preethi, I know you can relate to it. Yes, love works without words, but there are other day-to-day matters that don't ;-).

Priya, well, for each anniversary I have to come up with a different post :-D.