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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Look (a)like?

So who do I look like?

If you ask my mom, she'll say I look like my dad and if you ask my friends, they say I look like my mom :-D. But I am not talking about that. I just took another of those online tests for curiosity sake and look who I turned out to look like :-p.

Huh? Salma Hayek and Madonna? Wow ;-). Never knew I had so much potential :-D. I tried with another photo and guess what?

I look like Kajol (51%), Geena Davis (46%), Celine Dion (45%) and Halle Berry (51%) :-p.

Well the curious me obviously didn't stop there :-D. I ran 2 of Sri's photos and these are the results I got:

Sri also looks like Nick Carter of "Backstreet boys" (71%),and Orlando Bloom (45%) ;-).

Well, call it a coincidence, I have been a fan of Michael Schumacher for years. So maybe I saw something of him when I said yes to marriage with Sri :-p :-D. But was never a fan of Nick of Backstreet boys though, was fond of Brian more than him :-p. Surprisingly Nick's face matches with Sri's more than anybody else's. Recently have started watching a serial "Prison Break" in which Wentworth Miller is the hero. And I think the guy is absolutely fabulous, wowwie stuff ;-). I have become a PB buff because of him (more details about the serial here). Hmmm makes me wonder. Maybe I see something of Sri in him ;-) :-D. Hehehee :)).

Anyways I honestly think all this is silly, utter nonsense. What are we supposed to get from all this? A false sense of pride just because I look like a celebrity, of all people? I don't really understand (couldn't resist the emoticon from yahoo :-D).

But it was sort of fun though :). If you are interested in knowing what you look like ;-), try the online Face Recognition Demo hosted by My Heritage :). By the way, the sad part is you have to register to access it :-p. Don't worry, this is NOT a prank in which the software after loads of searching displays a chimpanzee and says you look like it ;-) :)).

Yeah, yeah I do remember the Gruhapravesha post, that'll be coming up next :).


Arz000n retorted...

I'm definitely not gonna try this celebrity resemblance thingy....mera toh woh bolega...SHAKTI KAPOOR aur AMRISH PURI ;)


Btw, was just going thru ur snaps about ur UDIPI trip...and there I saw this JAAM ke snaaps....

Man, know wht?
I remmeber when I last visited ma native place (way back in early 90'ies), I used to pluck them from the trees and eat it fresh...I just luv Jaaamm...its been a long time now though

Anyway, take care

Ravi B retorted...

Thats an interesting link .. Although I have to question the Algo/Techniques they use to do the face recognition .. For instance ..One of my searches produced a list of celebrities that Included both George Clooney - the sexiest man on earth - and Camilla Parker Bowles - the unsexiest/ugliest man ..err woman on earth.

Deeps retorted...

>> Arjun >>

Don't insult Amrish Puriji like that ;-) :-p.

>> Ravi >>

Don't know man. Looks like its just a comparison between photos thats all. Maybe pixels :-p.

Soumya retorted...

I tried it out with a couple of my photos...Didn't know most of the people the photo got matched up with...Strangely enough there were more men than women...Hillary Clinton, Helen Hunt, Tiger Woods, Saif Ali Khan----It seems I look like all these people...Funny site yaar...