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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Encore :(


Just one more day, I wished I could be there
When the visit to loved ones was at its end
Why does the heart always long for an encore
Of if not a day, if not an hour, only a second?

Just one more embrace, I wished I could have,
Maybe then the open wound would not hurt as much.
Why does the heart always long for an encore
Of if not an embrace, if not a hug, only a touch?

Just one more visual, my eyes wished to see,
As I walked far and further away with forced limps.
Why does the heart always long for an encore
Of if not a visual, if not a view, only a glimpse?

Just one more tear drop fell without any compulsion,
Sadness engulfed me and my heart felt oh so sore.
Pain is one thing the heart certainly doesn't long for
Nevertheless for tears, its encore, encore and encore..

P.S. For those who did not guess from the tone of the poem, yes, I am back in US and right now, not very happy about it...

Listening to: "Hume tumse pyar kitna" by Kishore Kumar

"Suna Gum Judai Ka Uthate Hai Log
Jaane Zindagi Kaise Bitate Hai Log
Din Bhi Yaha To Lage Baras Ke Samaan
Hume Intezar Kitna Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante
Magar Jee Nahi Sakte Tumhare Bina"


direkishore retorted...

Sorry for barging into your blog.
that was beautifully written.

Vanditha retorted...

Should I say well written poem? I know the emotions behind it. I am in a dilemma whether to praise the poem or empathize with you :(

Soumya retorted...

hey deeps...should i say welcome back??...very beautiful poem...know not what to say...but can surely understand what u mean...

Deeps retorted...

>> Kishore >>

No need to say sorry. You are welcome to barge in anytime. And thanks :).

>> Vandu >>

You can do both ;-). I feel lots better today. Yesterday, it was unbearable..

>> Soum >>

Thanks for the welcome :). I know you understand. After all we are in the same boat and moreover, you have been away much longer than me..

vani retorted...

very touching.... I know u will overcome it (come on u r a brave girl). After all its again for finite num of days u will be away from us. I know its tough.But let us meet again as soon as possible.LEt us spend more time next time. Very well written.

Deeps retorted...

>> Vani >>

I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about my parents :-p. Hehehe. I have overcome it a bit, I know the days are finite. But the finite number of days is too huge and too difficult to wait for...

Sachin retorted...

awesome! Very well written. Yes I also understand the pain.

geethamh retorted...

Deaeest baby,

Diff between us is that you can express your feelings through your
blog..(poem) I could not... I wish if I have a wings.....

vani retorted...

i know deep its not me (definetly) i meant staying with ur parents for a longer time or may be forever in the near future... biscuit biddiya....

Deeps retorted...

>> Sachin >>

I know you do. We are all birds of a feather away from our nests..

>> Mom >>

Sometimes if the pain is too huge, it flows as a poem. Doesn't mean that I don't know how you feel..

>> Vani >>

I cannot stay "with" my parents anytime in the future. I can only wish to stay "near" them. Which is gonna take sometime...

Thanu retorted...

welcome back...

I knew u were in India that is y I didn't see u at my blog... no need to apologize.

Hope u had a great trip

Usha retorted...

touching. I can get an idea of what it feels like. Memories will keep you going till the next visit. hope you can visit again soon! Take heart and keep smiling.