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Monday, February 27, 2006

Tum jeeyo hazaaro saal..

Another mushy post from me. Kya kare? I can't help it and I cannot be blamed if these days fall so close to each other ;-).

Twenty-nine years ago, a baby was born. Then it didn't know that after 29 years it'd become a man so wonderful, a man so patient and a man so caring. It didn't know that it was made for me and I wasn't even born then ;-). The baby grew up in Andhra Pradesh never knowing that its gal was to be born in Karnataka :). Later the young boy was in various places in Andhra. The young man he became, he studied in far away Ranchi, did his first job in Delhi, even went to US meanwhile. This was when fate planned to bring him nearer to his destined gal. He came to work in Bangalore. But still it was almost 2 years after he was in Bangalore that he met his gal, that too through an arranged marriage :). How strange can life get?

I made it pretty obvious already, so you know who I'm talking about. Yup, today is Sriram's 29th birthday. Last year I didn't have a blog to write anything about him. Even if I did, wonder what I'd have written about him 'cause I was still getting adjusted to him and to being apart from my parents. But today I've known him for about 1.5 years. Time has flown fast :).

I remember about 2.5 years ago, one of my friends asked me what kind of a man I'd want to marry. I said all the usual words "Tall, handsome, caring, fun to be with" :-D. Yeah, I wanted him to be tall and there was a specification too - min 5'8". Why? Because I am 5'5", plus I used to wear platforms of atleast 2", so that made it 5'7", plus 1" so that he looks taller than me :-D. And I had met a handsome but serious guy before in the so called girl-seeing ceremonies and that was precisely the type of guy I couldn't marry.

But there were other things that I didn't tell my friend. I am fond of ragging people and pulling their leg. I wanted a guy who could take my jokes in his stride. I knew I was capable of taking jokes, but would he? Again I had met another guy who wasn't able to take a leg-pulling from me and had resorted to nasty comments. I also wanted a guy who I would be able to converse intelligently with and never run out of topics. Thats whats life about, isn't it? A long conversation :). What more, I wanted a guy who could understand my passion for music and could sing very well (I'm pretty sure you'd be saying "arey what all more does this girl want!!"). And I got Sri.

As I said, I got Sri. I got a guy who is 5'10". A guy who doesn't judge me by appearance (don't know if he'll change later :-p). Doesn't care whether I wear a saree, salwar kameez or jeans. Doesn't lose his temper no matter how much I try to rile him up (that can be frustrating ;-) :-D). Is patience-personified no matter how fussy I am or how angry :). Is understanding whether its PMS time or not ;-). Is helpful, is kind, is caring, is concerned. Is adventurous and is fun to be with. A person who loves life, just like me. Who cracks jokes on my expense, but always takes the ragging I do to him in the right spirit :).

But (yes, there has to be a but ;-) :-D), in the last point I was disappointed, Sri can't sing a song for rupee's worth. He always gets the tune and the lyrics wrong. So whenever he sings, I have to think atleast for a few minutes to figure out which song he's singing :-D. But (again), he listens to any song I sing and I do have a habit of bursting into a song now and then :). He supports me in my singing and encourages me to practice. And thats more than enough :).

Since a past couple of days, he's been quipping on how he's becoming old. And he's only 29. Hmmmm since I'm only 3 years younger to him, I really wonder what that makes me :-p :-D. Anyways, today is his birthday and yup here's a wish all dedicated to him...

Happy Birthday Sriram!

A life full of love and joy,
A heart full of youth and dreams,
May this birthday bring you
A multitude of new esteems!

Little moments of pleasure,
Many seconds of new wonders,
May this birthday bring you
Bright days and no thunders!

Sorrows vanished forever,
Happiness in lots many ways,
May this birthday bring you
Hundreds of more birthdays!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart :).


Sriram retorted...

Loving Wifey,

Thanks a ton for the wishes. The poem is as sweet as you :)

Right now am working on a thankoo poem (cough cough..).


Harish Suryanarayana retorted...

Sometimes i think of going single . All I need to do to change my mind completely is visit your blog .
* Congratulates both with a huge smile on his face *
Happy Birthday Mr.Sriram .

Thanu retorted...

Happy B'day Sri...

Aree yaar we share a lot of similar dates.
Got Married 2nd week on Jan in 2005, Shekar B'day Feb Last week, he turned 29 and I'm 3 yrs younger than him...

Deeps retorted...

>> Sri >>

A thankoo poem!! Oh no!! I can just imagine how its going to sound like already :(.

>> Harish >>

Hmm you haven't heard Sri's version on things yet :-D. Yeah, you ought to get married. How can we let a man be single and happy? ;-)

>> Thanu >>

My god!! Those are majorly coincidental! But, good for us ;-). Hey na?

Vanditha retorted...

Happy Birthday Sriram! Have a great birthday and a great year ahead!!

Nice poem

Soumya retorted...

Happy Birthday Sriram. Have a wonderful year ahead.

The poem is very good Deeps...

geethamh retorted...

A heart touching poem Deeps!
Wonderful journey of life is ahead..enjoy it together...


Deeps retorted...

>> Vandu >>

Thanks re, the poem was pretty much impulsive..

>> Soum >>

Thanks a lot :). The poem just flowed, usually I have to think a bit, but didn't even do that this time :).

>> Mom >>

Thanku thanku thanku :).