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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Time and Tide Part 2..

Been a long time since I wrote something that I have deeply thought about. After "Deep Thoughts" became "Dip Tea", it seems like all I've been writing about is my trips and some scattered poems. Ok, it all comes from my heart, but still there's that inherent quality of me-pondering-about-something has been missing for sometime now. This post is to rectify the shortcoming (yup, me using big big words just to make the post more powerful :-D). Why Part 2? If you are asking this, that means you haven't read Part 1 here.

Today is 3 months since I landed in US. I don't know why I keep counting. Its not because I have nothing else to do. Its not because I want to celebrate it as an anniversary. And its definitely not because I am heading towards a countdown or something. I mean, its not as if I have an idea when I am going back to India. That's still not a fixed point. For that matter, why do we keep count of anything? We remember our numbered birthdays, anniversaries, even others' numbered birthdays or anniversaries. Why? Is it to reassure ourselves that, "Yup, I am alive. I have cheated death for another year"? Or is it to say "I have spent so many years and I have achieved something"? Or is it simply to have a reason to celebrate? The first case does not make any sense. If you are happy to be alive, then you should celebrate each and every day. The second one may hold good for some people, but people who have not exactly achieved anything, like kids, also celebrate birthdays. Then the third becomes the only possibility. We have so many tensions and troubles that we need a reason to celebrate. We need occasions to remember people and be remembered. But still its strange. Wonder who introduced the concept of celebrating these occasions!

The real thing, you have to celebrate, or remember, according to me, is each and every day. If you contemplate, you'll realize that a day is the anniversary of all that has happened in your life so far, be it a joyful occasion or otherwise. A day sort of signifies a new beginning and an end to that beginning as well. And imagine!! Days are flying so fast! They are totally out of our control. Its as if the day begins and before you even think on what you want to do that day, the day is gone! Poyi Pochi!!

Reminds me of a Mohammad Rafi song "Yaad na jaaye":

"Din jo pakeru hote
Pinjre me mein rakhletha
Paal tha unko jatan se
Moti ke daane detha

Seene se raktha lagaaye..

Simply translates into "If only days were birds, I'd have caged them, taken care of them and fed them grains of pearls. I'd have kept them close to my heart forever..". But days are definitely not birds and they sadly cannot be caged.

You might have heard the saying "Live each day as if it is the last day of your life". Makes so much sense, doesn't it? Live your life now, there's not much time left :)